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Open Access Monographs E-Books and E-Content, 12 May 2009 Eelco Ferwerda Amsterdam University Press.

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1 Open Access Monographs E-Books and E-Content, 12 May 2009 Eelco Ferwerda Amsterdam University Press

2 Open Access Monographs Amsterdam University Press Traditional Monograph publishing Printing on Demand E-books Google Book Search E-books usage Open monographs Example from AUP OAPEN project

3 Founded in 1992 by the University of Amsterdam Not for profit Worldwide dissemination of Scholarship 25 people, mostly books (160 yearly) > 50% English Mostly Humanities & Social Sciences

4 Traditional Monographs Sales have been declining steadily since the 70s –Greco & Wharton: library purchases 70s: 1500 Now: 200-300 –Thompson: print runs & sales 70s: 2000-3000 (print runs) Now: 50% < 500 – majority < 750 (sales)

5 Amsterdam University Press Average print runs last 5 years: »600 Percentage of books in PoD: »50%

6 Printing on Demand Alleviates economic pressures: no up front costs for print run no stocks no shipment costs no returns PoD enables more books to be published reaching intended audiences?

7 E-Books E-books havent made much of a difference: No significant increase in availability in (Western) libraries E-book sales represent only a small percentage of Academic publishers turnover Print dollars to digital pennies (NetLibrary) Google settlement could well result in massive amount of new E-books and develop new markets

8 Google Book Search Google Book Search has made a difference: Millions of books have moved on to the internet Books can be easily found and searched Users expect books to be online Therefore books need to be online Thousands of Publishers have joined the Google Book Search Programme


10 AUP and Google Book Search 5 years of Google Book Search: »800 books in Partner Programme »80-90% of books viewed weekly AverageBest week5 years Book Visits331.50010.000 Pages Viewed32511.00070.000 Buy the Book Clicks<120200

11 E-Books Usage Not for reading: Google Book Search: –Book Visit: < 10 pages viewed NetLibrary: –Average time in E-book: < 8 minutes JISC E-book observatory: –Average session length: 13 minutes, 8 pages

12 E-Books Usage There is a clear demand for E-books, but: –E-books are used for browsing & reference, not for linear and longer reading Implications: –E-books and print books can coexist –Print sales may not be harmed by E-books –JISC finding: no impact on print sales

13 Open Monographs Why not provide Open Access? Effective knowledge dissemination: Optimizing retrieval Extending reach Direct access Answering user needs Promoting sales?

14 OpenBook Publishers Open Monographs: examples

15 OA publishing at AUP IMISCOE publication series International Migration, Integration and Social COhesion in Europe EU-funded Network of Excellence 22 Research Institutes in 10 European countries Publication series with Amsterdam University Press

16 Publication Model Traditional Print Runs –Research, Textbooks Printing on Demand –Dissertations, Reports Online Library / Repository –All publications, including earlier publications














30 IMISCOE titles Sales Titleyeartotal Paths of Integration2006 485 Migration and Citizenship2006 416 The Dynamics of International Migration and Settlement in Europe2006 583 The Immigrant Organising Process2006 49 Globalisation, Migration and Socio-Economic Change in Contemporary Greece2006 19 Narratives of Place, Culture and Identity2006 32 Acquisition and Loss of Nationality|Volume 1: Comparative Analyses2006 277 Acquisition and Loss of Nationality|Volume 2: Country Analyses2006 262 Citizenship Policies in the New Europe2007 292 Navigating Borders2007 137 Acquisition and Loss of Nationality|Volumes 1 + 22006 105 Dynamic Entrepreneurship2006 50 Innovative Concepts for Alternative Migration Policies2007 204 Secularism or Democracy?2007 383 Paradoxes of Social Capital2008 14 Migrants and Markets2008 62 The Family in Question2008 157 International Migration in Europe2008 114 Practising Citizenship and Heterogeneous Nationhood2008 25 Modes of Migration Regulation and Control in Europe2008 17

31 IMISCOE series Google Book Search Title SaleVisit Pages viewed Buy clicks Paths of Integration 4851301812513 Migration and Citizenship 416900523123 The Dynamics of International Migration and Settlement in Europe 5831190897733 Sales versus Visits

32 OAPEN Open Access Publishing in European Networks Developing an OA publication model for peer reviewed academic books in Humanities and Social Sciences Creating a large, freely available collection of current books in European languages in various fields of HSS Duration: 30 months Start: September 1, 2008 Consortium: 7 University Presses and 2 Universities Coordinator: Amsterdam University Press, the Netherlands Actions undertaken under the eContentplus Programme (2005-2008) to make digital content in Europe more accessible, usable and exploitable

33 Key objectives To improve the accessibility, impact and relevance of European research in Humanities and Social Sciences through the promotion of OA for primary publications To create and aggregate freely available peer reviewed HSS publications from across borders within an Online Library To engage stakeholders in the publication process To develop common funding models To adopt common standards and metadata to improve retrievability and visibility of HSS publications

34 Main Goal OAPEN will create an Open Access publication network for publishers and other stakeholders involved in academic publishing within research in Humanities and Social Sciences.

35 The Consortium Six countries (Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and the Netherlands) Seven university presses as content providers Two universities, as technology and research partner Aimed at Academic publishers in Humanities and Social Sciences Building a network around OA publishing for stakeholders within the academic community

36 The Network Association of American University Presses - AAUP Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition - SPARC Europe IMISCOE - International Migration Integration Social Cohesion Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Universitätsverlage Purdue University Press Atlantis Press Institute of Economic Analysis & Prospective Studies at Al Akhawayn university Igitur, Utrecht Publishing & Archiving Services National Hellenic Research Foundation Open Book Publishers Universitat de Valencia Université Libre de Bruxelles Editions de lUniversité de Bruxelles Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften Polimetrica Ledizioni - Ledipublishing Forlaeggerforeningen - Danish Publishers Association Open Humanities Press Academia Press Unipub - Oslo Academic Press Akademie Verlag Brill IOS press KITLV Press

37 Various tasks Dissemination & Awareness Focused Studies Open Access Publication Model Publication Services Online Library

38 Focused Studies Study on User Needs Identify specific needs in HSS publishing. Overview of attitudes and needs of stakeholders, survey among specific target audiences including a synthesis of existing studies on the subject. Study based on interviews with representatives of users in different countries and disciplines, meeting with ESG Study on OA Models for books Basic inventory of initiatives and attitudes towards OA book publishing. Desk research, interviews with stakeholders and experts, meeting with ESG

39 Open Access Publication Model Publishing Model: To develop a basic reference model for OA books Processes & Workflows: To analyze the main processes of publishing and description of workflow systems Business & Costs Models: To create a business model (including basic calculation) for e-publishing services Legal Models & IPR Issues: To analyze legal aspects of e- publishing and work towards a basic reference model

40 Basic OA model Hybrid: Online and Print –Basic online edition is free –Printed edition is sold Author retains copyright Long term availability Online –Based on repository infrastructure Publisher seeks fee for publication of OA online edition

41 OA Funding Model OA publication fee for digital edition: – Fee for direct costs (first copy costs): review, editing, formatting, platform costs Revenues from sales printed edition (or e- books for e-readers?) cover: –Indirect costs: selection/acquisition, overhead –Direct costs of printed edition, including design, royalties, marketing, distribution

42 OA Funding Model The need for an OA funding mechanism is being recognised March 2009 report from Research Information Network / UK Universities: Paying for Open Access Publication Charges Guidelines for Higher Education and Research Institutions, Publishers and Authors


44 Some Key Recommendations Higher Education Institutes should: Establish dedicated budgets to which researchers can apply for funds to meet the costs of publication fees Funders should: Clarify how they will provide support for researchers in meeting their open access policies in general, and the payment of publication fees in particular

45 Green and gold OA green gold Out of print X Backlist X Frontlist ? New publications: PoD or small print runs (<400) X Larger print runs (>500) X

46 OAPEN: key features Collaborative effort (consortium, network) Engaging stakeholders Supported by EU Aiming for gold OA Aggregating books in OA library

47 Website:

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