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ESC & cardiovascular prevention policy John F Martin.

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1 ESC & cardiovascular prevention policy John F Martin

2 Rationale (1) CVD still n°1 killer in Europe: kills over 2 million people in the EU each year Costs for the EU: 192 billion a year Large discrepancies in mortality & incidence: East/West radiant

3 Rationale (2) BUT... Many of the deaths caused by CVD could be averted thanks to proper prevention policies prevention Profession acts at individual level: prevention needs a population approach policy makers

4 Role of the profession Profession can provide scientific expertise to help make the best decision help/do develop appropriate tools: risk assessment tools, guidelines, educational programmes Create alliances Mobilise policy makers

5 Achievements (2) 2002: Presidency Declaration (Spanish presidency of the EU) Acknowledges the burden of CVD for the first time Calls for action from Member States & European Commission

6 Achievements (3) 2004: Council Conclusions on Heart Health (Irish presidency of the EU) Very comprehensive call for action to Member States & EC: Prevention strategies, risk factor assessment, guidelines, etc

7 Achievements (4) 2005: Luxembourg Declaration (Luxembourg presidency of the EU) Reiterates importance of 2004 Conclusions Calls for a practical manifesto all stakeholders can identify to.

8 Achievements (5) 2006: Council Conclusions on Womens health (Austrian presidency of the EU)

9 Achievements (6) 2007: European Heart Health Charter

10 European Heart Health Charter (1) An agreement between partners to: help implement Charter recommendations pursue goal of CVD prevention at European & national levels

11 European Heart Health Charter (2) Launched at European Parliament 12 June 2007 Available in 24 languages Adopted in 30 European countries

12 Towards Recommendations (1) Why Recommendations? stronger sign than just new Conclusions politically commit Member States who adopt the Recommendations highest soft law tool in the field of health

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