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Personal Health Budgets

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1 Personal Health Budgets
Georgina Walton Personal Health Budget Project Manager

2 Personal Health Budgets
Backdrop “ You have the right to make choices about your NHS care and to information to support these choices. The options available to you will develop over time and depend on your individual needs.” (Section 2a of the NHS Constitution)

3 Personal Health Budgets
Evidence from social care Co-production Better outcomes (even if service doesn’t change at all) Cost effective Direct payments can work well for all ages, personal backgrounds, conditions

4 Personal Health Budgets
Key deliverables National People know up front roughly how much their personal health budget will be People can choose how to use their personal health budget in the way that suits them best A range of deployment options are available

5 Personal Health Budgets
Upholding NHS values Quality is key! Tackling inequalities and protecting equality Personal health budgets are voluntary Decision making close to the individual Partnership Six principles

6 Personal Health Budgets
Who can have a personal budget? Anyone who wants one. Needs should be such that a budget can be reasonably set What can a budget be spent on? Not emergency care or core GP services Agreed care plan with agreed health and wellbeing objectives Services should be appropriate for the state to provide – not gambling, debt repayment, alcohol, tobacco

7 Personal Health Budgets
What’s involved? There are 4 key stages Personal Health Budgets Managing the plan and getting the care eg by direct payment Knowing amount of money in the budget Agreeing the Care plan which sets out: health needs / outcomes, money in budget What goods and services will be bought and the cost of these Monitoring and Review

8 Personal Health Budgets
Different ways of delivering a personal health budget Notional individual budget Already legally possible Personal care plans More direct control to individuals Real budget held on the individual’s behalf Direct payment – cash held by patient

9 Personal Health Budgets
Local key deliverables NHS Eastern and Coastal Kent to pilot Continuing Health Care with 20 patients End of Life Care with 4 patients Maternity with 30 women Carers Mental Health with 20 individuals

10 Personal Health Budgets
Local key deliverables To build on the integrated commissioning structures between Health and Social Care, KCC has been supporting NHS Eastern and Coastal Kent and will test the potential of the Kent Card as the payment mechanism for the Personal Health Budget

11 Personal Health Budgets
Evaluation of the pilot The independent evaluation team in place will report at intervals over 3 years, to include: Health, wellbeing, experience and access Variation by condition and background Financial impact Effect on NHS services Practical – what works, what doesn’t? Impact on staff

12 Personal Health Budgets
Programme timeline Summer 2010 First interim report published March 2010 Regulation in place 2012 end of pilots and evaluation Mid-2010 direct payments allowed in pilots (subject to regulation) April 2010 Recruitment to evaluation cohort starts

13 Personal Health Budgets
Conclusion: personal health budgets Drawing on the evidence from social care and other countries Still a long way to go – this will take time, and there are many risks and challenges to overcome But great potential to improve the quality of care and make services more personalised A real commitment to join up and share learning with other programme For more information, visit: or the team at

14 Personal Health Budgets
Some potential examples of things which could be included Equipment - electric wheelchairs, beds etc Hydrotherapy Complimentary therapy eg acupuncture Air conditioning Activities and classes instead of traditional mental health services Alternative respite arrangements

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