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Self-Directed Support Challenges and opportunities.

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1 Self-Directed Support Challenges and opportunities

2 Context Budget pressures Changed delivery environment Policy expectations Learning from past few years Think Local Act Personal

3 Policy Law commission Dilnot Vision for Adult Social Care NHS reform Public Sector Reform White Paper To edit footer go to: View> Header and Footer

4 Self-directed support Continuing political consensus Outcomes positive, process v problematical Big push across public sector likely (PSR) ADASS - PBs over 30% but very variable Direct payments stalling, government determined, 2013 goal Authenticity of managed PBs? Checking results

5 Self-directed support - continued Less of the same or something different? Prevention (information, primary, secondary) Reduced SDS process Quicker plan sign-off, new approaches to planning Focus professional roles Provider development

6 Think Local Act Personal Broad leadership partnership Priorities: SDS, use of resources, co- production, provider and workforce development, information to public, community capacity Markers of progress Sharing learning (products, web, bulletin, workshops, reg links)

7 Some products and activity Adult social care minimum process Re-thinking support planning Direct payments advice POET report IT guidance MH and PBs advice and examples Financial modelling for TLAP

8 Some products and activity contd

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