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DIVERSITY CHAMPIONS SCOTLAND 19 th May 2008 How does Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual equality fit within Corporate Social Responsibility?

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1 DIVERSITY CHAMPIONS SCOTLAND 19 th May 2008 How does Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual equality fit within Corporate Social Responsibility?

2 Schedule 4.30Registration and refreshments 5.00Welcome from Standard Life, Anne Gunther, Chief Executive of Standard Life Bank 5.05 Welcome and thanks, Calum Irving, Director, Stonewall Scotland 5.10Introduction: Michelle Fullerton, Manager Workplace Programmes, Stonewall 5.20Perspective: Ty Jones, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Bank of Scotland Corporate 5.40Perspective: Babs Greenwood, Development Officer, Marie Smith, HR Advisor, Aberdeen City Council 6.00Workplace Equality Index: Nicola Swan, Scottish Workplace Officer, Stonewall Scotland 6.15 Panel discussion 6.45Wine reception

3 DIVERSITY CHAMPIONS SCOTLAND CSR & Equality – How do they relate? Michelle Fullerton Manager, Workplace Programmes

4 What is CSR? Positively taking account of your organisations impact on the: Economy Society Environment

5 Whys CSR relevant to LGB Equality and Inclusion? Many of the Drivers are similar LGB people fit within each of the three major areas of CSR Ability of staff to deliver on these areas Customers/ Service Users

6 Where do you place responsibility for LGB Equality? HR? Community Engagement? Policy? Stand alone E & D officer/ Team? CEO/ Equivalents Office?

7 Good Practice Examples Bank of Scotland Corporate Hampshire constabulary Nacro Lothian & Borders Police

8 Getting it Right The highest performing organisations in the WEI have a diversity team/person who reports directly to CEO They have carefully considered where Equality, diversity and inclusion should sit within their organisation for maximum impact. They have an organisational wide strategy, reviewed at board level. Diversity Leaders understand the connection between E & D Internally and externally They understand how and when CSR and equality and diversity should be linked in their organisation.

9 DIVERSITY CHAMPIONS SCOTLAND people perform better when they can be themselves

10 Bank of Scotland Corporate Corporate Responsibility

11 Questions How important is corporate responsibility (CR) to you… How important is CR to you personally, as an individual? How important is CR to you achieving your day to day job objectives? How important is CR to you in helping your business differentiate from your peers?

12 The Bigger Picture The Bigger Picture HBOS is ranked as one of the world's leading companies on Corporate Responsibility: Stonewall Champion (HBOS and Bank of Scotland Corporate) Diversity Indices – HBOS acknowledged as a top performer Carbon Disclosure Project Climate Leadership Index (highest ranked UK bank) Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World (one of only 2 UK banks) Business in the Community Corporate Responsibility Index (rated Platinum) Dow Jones Sustainability Index member FTSE4Good Index member

13 Corporate Responsibility A permanent fixture in our corporate landscape A central business value – not a nice to have Part of business strategy, not a marketing ploy A platform for delivering outstanding business results The way we do business Led by stakeholder expectations

14 An Easy Journey?

15 Changing the rules of the game

16 Key Enablers Leadership Values Culture Dialogue

17 The Way We Do Business

18 Our Core Values Telling the truth, not lying, not misleading Keeping our promises and commitments Taking care not to hurt people Respecting people, respecting their rights Treating people fairly and with dignity Being open and accountable, not hiding things Looking at things differently

19 How would you rate us? How good is Bank of Scotland Corporate at living up to these values? 1.We are always honest, careful and fair. We never break our promises 2.Failing to live up to our values is an extremely rare exception, but it does happen 3.Each year we can produce quite a few examples where we did not fully live up to our values 4.We fail to live up to our values more often than not

20 Attitudes Changing Attitudes

21 An Inclusive Culture Senior Leaders Line managers Values Recruitment Development and Progression Communications Bullying & Harassment Dialogue Fitting In

22 Respect begins with mutual understanding, knowing how others want to be treated Colleague Advocacy

23 Diversity & Inclusion Survey 2007 % mean score

24 LGBT Perception Gap 2007 % mean score


26 Visible Leadership

27 Changing Behaviours

28 Aberdeen City Council 2006 Taking a strategic approach to equalities: Aberdeen City Council Marie Smith, Principal HR Adviser Babs Greenwood, Development Officer

29 Aberdeen City Council 2006 Taking a strategic approach to equalities How equality is embedded into Aberdeen City Council How the Council demonstrates leadership on equality Some positive outcomes Looking forward

30 Aberdeen City Council 2006 Some background - the city of Aberdeen Population of about 200,000 Low unemployment Contrasts between wealth and poverty Gender pay gap Tight labour market

31 Aberdeen City Council 2006 Aberdeen City Councils structures Focus on integrated service delivery 3 Neighbourhood Services Areas - North, South and Central 3 support directorates - Strategic Leadership, Continuous Improvement, Resources Management Corporate Management Team

32 Aberdeen City Council 2006 How equality is embedded in the council In its core principles Strategies and plans Through community engagement Equality and Human Rights Impact Assessments

33 Aberdeen City Council 2006 How equality is embedded in the council Councils core principles of social inclusion, sustainability and strengthening local democracy Community Plan for the city Corporate Plan and 6 service Plans Community of Interest plans (eg LGBT) and Neighbourhood Plans

34 Aberdeen City Council 2006 How equality is embedded in the council Community Community of interest forums Civic Forum National standards for community engagement Expertise of local and national LGBT Equality of opportunity grants Support for annual Pride

35 Aberdeen City Council 2006 How equality is embedded in the council Equality and Human Rights Impact Assessments Includes 6 equality strands and Human Rights perspective Programme rolled out through the Council Summary of assessment in committee reports Tool for continuous improvement

36 Aberdeen City Council 2006 Leadership on equality Equalities Action Network Equality responsibilities built in to job of senior officers Managers to undertake training on equality Role of Community Planning and Regeneration Service Role of Human Resources Workforce monitoring on sexual orientation

37 Aberdeen City Council 2006 Some positive outcomes WEI as benchmark for improvement Aberdeen seen by LGBT as an attractive place to live and work LGBT community informs workforce developments Benefits of community planning partnership work LGBT Youth Charter mark for Dialogue Youth Information service

38 Aberdeen City Council 2006 Looking forward Community planning - building equality into the citys Single Outcome Agreement With partners promoting best practice through the Equalities Action Network Ensuring the voices of the communities of interest community is heard at neighbourhood level Progressing towards a single equality scheme

39 Aberdeen City Council 2006 Looking forward - the Workplace Improvement on the Diversity Champions WEI Establishing a LGBT staff network Using information from the next Employee Opinion Survey

40 Aberdeen City Council 2006 Any questions? Thank you Aberdeen City Council 2006


42 WORKPLACE EQUALITY INDEX Core element of the workplace programme Framework for action 241 organisations entered this years Index 4 th year Stonewall publishes the Index

43 PRIORITIES Digging deeper – more evidence Putting policy into practice Looks at the impact on employee experience Need to create more headroom Top organisations at 96% and average score of 80% in the top 100 Maintaining the challenge Certain practices have become standard Build in the good practice we see from the best employers

44 METHODOLOGY Complete online questionnaire from 2 ND June. Involving staff Final deadline 5 th September Computer generated initial scores are then checked by Workplace Team Preliminary scores assessed against supporting evidence to give score and rank

45 WEI 2009 EXAMPLES OF CHANGES Key changes in the questions Why these are important What we are looking for

46 Q1 – POLICY AND PRACTICE LGB inclusive policy barring discrimination is now standard Highest performing organisations are taking a strategic approach Work more likely to be long term Gets the attention of the Board Attracts resources Expect specific benefits as a result

47 Q1 – WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR Written equality and diversity strategy, fully inclusive of LGB people Connected to wider organisational strategies Expected outcomes and deliverables Reviewed regularly by the Board To what extent is your work on LGB equality core in the organisation?

48 Q7 – BULLYING AND HARASSMENT Currently ask about Employment Tribunals as a minus score NEW: what are your internal processes for handling bullying and harassment? 1 in 5 gay and lesbian people have experienced homophobic bullying in the workplace (2008). Personal and reputational costs when not handled well.

49 Q7 – WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR Zero tolerance policy commitment which is well communicated and understood Robust processes in place for handling complaints Sensitivity to LGB issues within this Monitoring and action on complaints Case examples to illustrate the above

50 Q10 – STAFF ENGAGEMENT Shift in question from engaging LGB staff to engaging all staff in LGB issues Good practice from the best employers Importance of the awareness and engagement of the total workforce Safeguards against staff to staff bullying Recognises the role of friends and family of LGB people and of straight allies

51 Q10 – WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR Mainstream within your communication channels Posters, leaflets, intranet, email All staff diversity forums and events Staff induction processes Use of the Stonewall Diversity Champion logo Networking the network groups

52 Q14 – STAFF TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT NEW: how do you ensure your line managers are skilled to manage diversity? Critical role of line managers in employee experience Translate corporate policy into everyday practice and culture Mainstreams accountability for equality and diversity at all levels

53 Q14 – WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR Equality and diversity is integrated in to the line managers role via: – Performance management processes – Selection processes – Diversity training specifically relevant to their role as people managers – Support and advice available to line managers eg role of network groups

54 Q16 – MONITORING NEW: What proportion of your staff declare their sexual orientation? What is the confidence level in the workforce? NEW: How do you report the findings from the monitoring exercise? How is the information used to bring about positive changes?

55 Q16 – WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR Monitoring sexual orientation at all stages of the employment cycle Monitoring sexual orientation at all levels High proportion of staff declaring sexual orientation Reporting outcome of monitoring exercises to the board / senior management Communicating findings with all staff

56 Q22 – COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT Using LGB media to recruit and advertise Stating a commitment to LGB equality in mainstream media Sponsoring an LGB event Supporting staff involvement in LGB event Strategic work with LGB service users / customers

57 Q22 – WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR Engagement with wider LGB community in a range of different ways Be innovative

58 Q23 PINK PLATEAU Do you have out senior LGB role models at the top 3 tiers of your organisation? Barriers still exist to (a) reaching the top and (b) being out at the top Provides visible role models for others Positive indicator of equality and diversity LGB people have a place at the table

59 Q23 – WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR Representation at senior levels in the organisation Out as in able to be open about their sexual orientation in their role Visible role models for others Examples – support the network group, speaks out on LGB issues, acts as a mentor

60 NEW EXPERIENTIAL EVIDENCE 8 questions to ask your LGB staff Employee experience key in assessing impact and progress Engages LGB staff in this process Acts as an internal check of the WEI itself Provides feedback to target further action May identify differences between the gay man, lesbian and bi-sexual experience

61 WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR A reasonable response rate as an indicator of engagement Honest feedback! Provides a consistency check between WEI scores and employee experience Provides data for action by the organisation

62 PUBLISHING THE WEI IN 2009 Top 100 employers likely to continue Consider Top 50 public sector and top 50 private sector as well More high 5 analysis across sectors Maximise recognition across all Diversity Champions members Showcase innovation and best practice

63 WORKPLACE EQUALITY INDEX 3 months to improve WORKPLACE EQUALITY INDEX Deadline 5 th September 2008

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