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NQT 2.0 (Online) support networks for new geography teachers Alan Parkinson.

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1 NQT 2.0 (Online) support networks for new geography teachers Alan Parkinson


3 This game is very good but anyone looking to become a teacher and thinking this may help is wrong, simply because you dont learn very much and the lessons are very short.... Comment on Amazon website Also available Imagine Teacher: Fieldtrip

4 The past

5 Image by Flickr user Bu Yousef

6 In Britain, teachers are for the most part too scattered and too busy to come together frequently for discussion. They require a medium through which they may readily communicate with one another, exchange experiences and learn the progress that is being made in method or in appliances in our own country and abroad. (Vol 1., No. 1, p. 1 of The Geographical Teacher) James Herbertson, GA President

7 Link to professional development... Dylan Wiliam

8 In British schools, Geography has ever been a dull and uninteresting subject. It has been a dreary recitation of names and statistics of no interest to the learner and of little use except, perhaps, in the sorting department of the Post Office. (Vol 1., No. 1, p.4 of The Geographical Teacher)

9 The present...

10 How do you currently keep in touch with former students who are now NQTs ?

11 Participation is not always a good thing: it can just create a cacophony. Collaboration is sustained and reliable only under conditions which allow for self organisation. Charles Leadbeater

12 Facebook

13 E-mail / Text groups

14 Ning

15 Tagging

16 Slideshare Can upload documents of any kind and these can then be viewed or downloaded Documents can be tagged Groups can be created and notifications supplied when new content has been added 140 presentations of mine at

17 hubness

18 twitter ye not... @The_GA @GeoBlogs

19 By Lauren Idea: Tony Cassidy Teacher: Liz Smith, Brighton

20 iNQT Theres an app for that...


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