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5. How did you attract/address your audience? By: Eleanor Lowe-Collins.

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1 5. How did you attract/address your audience? By: Eleanor Lowe-Collins

2 Mode of Address I allowed the audience to address the magazine throughout the theory of ideal self/partners. My model is dressed in casual clothing and natural makeup, which was done on purpose to show the audience how it is achievable to become famous.

3 Writing Style The writing style I chose was found on to add to the verisimilitude of the magazine. The font of the artist’s name is matching with the Double Page Spread once again adding verisimilitude to the magazine Volume!

4 Use of images The images I used were to fit in with the interview and see the artists as an ideal self/partner.

5 Colours The main colours I used were red, white, grey and black. This is the colour scheme I chose as I think red is an eye grabbing colour with plain basic colours makes the audience think that the magazine is easy to read and attractive to their eye as red connotes love, which relates to everyone throughout the world. I chose the basic grey, white and black to enhance the reds throughout Volume! and also make the target audience feel as though it isn’t trying to hard for you to purchase the music magazine.

6 Mise-en-scène The outfit and make-up I used for my model was subtle and natural to make the audience address their selves with the artist as a strategy for potential buyers to purchase the magazine. The outfit I chose was casual to fit in with the Double Page Spread interview as it was called “This is the real me”. The hair style is long blonde hair is a wavy style and the model has blue eyes therefore she is seen as effortless and naturally beautiful to the audience whom are interested in this magazine.

7 Cover lines The top cover line was chosen in order to drag the readers to believe that this magazine is the best of the best for an extremely good price therefore the contents of the magazine is interesting and something that may highly appeal to them. I chose the Master head as I believe it is the biggest eye catcher on the front page. The arrow at the end symbolizes a exclamation point yet is different and quirky just as the readers would like to see themselves as. The red colours connote love and happiness to most audiences and I decided to write “Exclusive Interview” in this as the language makes the audience feel as though they will be the only customer purchasing this magazine.

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