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Welcome to 5 th Grade Mrs. Rydzel’s Class. About Our Class: I strongly believe that parents and teachers working together will give each student the best.

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1 Welcome to 5 th Grade Mrs. Rydzel’s Class

2 About Our Class: I strongly believe that parents and teachers working together will give each student the best opportunities for success. Feel free to come and visit our classroom to see what we do in fifth grade. The best way to contact me is via email at You may also call me at school with any questions or concerns that you may have (993-3236). Please leave a complete message, with a phone number, so that I can get back to you as soon as possible. My web back pack is updated daily. Please check there for important information and homework details.

3 Homework  Students are given anywhere from 20-50 minutes of homework each night. They always have some time in class to do their homework. However, students may need to take some work home to complete. Sometimes, though, there will be long-term assignments that may take several weeks or months to complete.   Every day the students will write their assignments in their planner. Please check this every night for homework. I will sign off on planner every morning. planner  Homework is due by 8:15 a.m., unless otherwise stated to the students.  When homework is not turned in the student has not practiced the skill taught. If the skill is not practiced then the student will not retain the information. This will reflect on their grade. Parents will also receive notice when papers are regularly late.

4 PLANNER  Planners are filled out daily. Homework will be highlighted.  These need to be signed every night and returned so that we can check them. This is a great communication tool that we use all the time. Please take advantage of it, and feel free to write notes to me.

5 Homework Folders  Homework folders will be sent home each day. There will be a pocket with homework to do and homework done. Please check this and review the homework with your child everyday.  Homework is highlighted in the agenda.  (planner tab on web back pack)

6 Computation/Concepts test and math facts  Every Friday, students will receive a computation/concepts (CC) test that covers skills taught the previous week. The CC test is due the following Friday. Students have a week to finish the test, and can turn it in early. They should use the resources that we discuss in class. computation/concepts  Students should practice math facts every night. We do not have a lot of time to spend on fact mastery. However, almost every topic we will study this year will require students to have a mastery understanding of facts. My web back pack has many wonderful sites for students to practice facts. You can also have students practice multiples (EX: multiples of 7 are 0, 7, 14, 21, etc).

7 Reading Log  Every student has a reading log. They need to read 5 out of 7 days for at least 20 minutes. Parents need to initial the log to show that the student has done the reading. Mrs. Gural will collect these on Monday to check your student’s progress. reading logreading log  If you have any questions please let Mrs. Gural know. Spelling Spelling   The spelling lists align with our reading series. Spelling pretests will take place at the beginning of each set of stories. There won’t be a set day for the pretest and the final test. All students will bring a list of spelling words home to study. One spelling activity will be due the same day as the final test.

8 Grading The following grading scale is used for each subject:  90 - 100% = A  80 - 89% = B  70 - 79% = C  60 - 69% = D  0 - 59% =F Midterm grades will be issued the fourth week of each grading period. These should be signed by the parent and returned to school. There is a copy of the curriculum overview on my web back pack. curriculum overview curriculum overview

9 Friday Folders Each Friday (or the last day of the week), your child will bring home a folder with the week’s graded work and quizzes/tests. This folder will also contain important information regarding items such as field trips and special projects as well as important information from the school. Please look through your child’s Friday Folder and sign it every week.

10 Rewards  Every day, your child will have the opportunity to receive praise! I feel very strongly about positive reinforcement, so look for some great things to come home for a job well done. There will occasionally be reward parties. You will be notified of these in advance.  For positive behavior, the students will have numerous chances to receive rewards, positive comments, notes home, and class incentives. These will be on an individual and class basis. We also have a school wide positive panther program this year.

11 Discipline  At East Antioch Elementary School, it is always okay to do your best and ask for help. It is always okay to be kind and helpful. It is never okay to be hurtful, and it is never okay to disrupt learning. Students who need to be reminded of the rules will get a warning. If they don’t respond to the warning, they will be asked to move to the safe seat. If they continue to be disruptive, they will be asked to move to a buddy room. Think Sheets may be used by staff at anytime to help students process their choices and as a means of communication. Class disruption may result in skipping steps in the process. Any acts of violence, whether verbal or physical, will result in an immediate referral to the school principal.

12 Absences  If a student is absent from class, please call me or the attendance line (993-3288) before 8:30am. If you would like to have homework for that day, I would be happy to get it ready. When you call, please tell me whether someone will pick up the assignments, or if another student will be coming to our room to get the work. The school nurse should also be called so that the school can be notified of your student’s absence. Students are expected to make up work missed, but will be given 2 extra days for every day missed to complete assignments.

13 Final Words Please remember that I am on your child’s side. I will be continually giving your child opportunities to experience success. I want to give each child the best school experience possible. I hope to instill in them a lifelong love for learning.

14 Thank you for coming! Thank you for coming! Please sign up for a fall conference time before you leave. Please let me know if you have questions. I am really excited to work with your students!

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