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CS5038 Tom Campbell 1 Can web site consumer eye- movement analysis significantly benefit a web site business?

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1 CS5038 Tom Campbell 1 Can web site consumer eye- movement analysis significantly benefit a web site business? Tom Campbell

2 CS5038 Tom Campbell 2 Introduction What is eye-movement, and how do we track eye-movementeye-tracking? What do we analyse with eye-tracking in relation to web sites? What results do we get? Is it all worth it?

3 CS5038 Tom Campbell 3 What is eye-movement, and how do we track eye-movementeye- tracking?

4 CS5038 Tom Campbell 4 The retina Fovea Parafovea Periphery Perceive most detail Rapid decrease in amount of detail perceived

5 CS5038 Tom Campbell 5 The eye-tracker Infrared light (pointing down) Eye Camera (pointing down) Scene Camera (pointing ahead)

6 CS5038 Tom Campbell 6 corneal reflection

7 CS5038 Tom Campbell 7 The corneal reflections

8 CS5038 Tom Campbell 8 Example of scanpath

9 CS5038 Tom Campbell 9 Scanpath on commercial site

10 CS5038 Tom Campbell 10 Even other mammals eyes work this way!

11 CS5038 Tom Campbell 11 What do we analyse with eye-tracking in relation to web sites?

12 CS5038 Tom Campbell 12 The Eye-Mind Assumption That there is a relationship between where we fix our gaze and what we are thinking about. Caveat: however, we know that it is possible to look at one thing while thinking about something else, and that we are able to process information about things we see through peripheral vision.

13 CS5038 Tom Campbell 13 Web sites in particular…

14 CS5038 Tom Campbell 14 Goldberg & Kotvals measures Global search Scanpath length Spatial density Number fixations/saccades Number of backtracks Local search Average saccade length Processing Average fixation duration

15 CS5038 Tom Campbell 15 Objective usability evaluation User testing Accuracy of responses Task times Eye movement analysis Efficiency of search Ease of processing

16 CS5038 Tom Campbell 16 Measures often taken Performance measures Response Scores Task Completion Times Eye movement measures Total fixation duration Average fixation duration Number of fixations Spatial density of fixations

17 CS5038 Tom Campbell 17 What results do we get?

18 CS5038 Tom Campbell 18 Web sites in particular…

19 CS5038 Tom Campbell 19 What happened in general web page? Scan Patterns Were Similar in all areas Users dont go to the Bottom often What Attracted Users – animations etc. borders, The Role of Peripheral Vision – users somehow determined if an ad interested them before they looked directly at it.

20 CS5038 Tom Campbell 20 Eye Trackers Can… Tell whether users are even looking at the screen. Tell whether users are reading or scanning. Learn the relative intensity of a users attention to various parts of a web page. Determine whether a user is searching for a specific item. Compare user scan patterns.

21 CS5038 Tom Campbell 21 Eye Trackers Cant… Let you know whether users actually see something. (might not be aware of something they view) Prove that users didnt see something. (eg. peripheral vision) Determine why users are looking at something. Test everybody. (some people have non-standard eyes!)

22 CS5038 Tom Campbell 22 Lets look at some particular problems with the technology and how they might be corrected.

23 CS5038 Tom Campbell 23 Correcting data Choose your criteria of Margin of error: Accurate to within 0.30 degrees = 10 pixels 2 main possible types of error are: Absolute drift Relative warp

24 CS5038 Tom Campbell 24 Absolute drift

25 CS5038 Tom Campbell 25 Absolute drift (corrected)

26 CS5038 Tom Campbell 26 Relative Warp most gaze points match the objects on screen, but some appear to miss their target.

27 CS5038 Tom Campbell 27 Filtering data Areas of interest

28 CS5038 Tom Campbell 28 More specific study!

29 CS5038 Tom Campbell 29 An eye-movement study on ?

30 CS5038 Tom Campbell 30 Book Mark Finding of Alex Poole Guidelines: Basic Information 2 cues Bottom-up (Page title - site name) Sort bookmarks by cue Benefits: Reduce frustration Reduce search time Reduce costs

31 CS5038 Tom Campbell 31 A commercial system!

32 CS5038 Tom Campbell 32 Eyetools: a commercial system

33 CS5038 Tom Campbell 33 Eyetools: business model You tell them your target Demographics and the URL(s) to test They collect data (1-3 days) They discuss the results with you

34 CS5038 Tom Campbell 34 Is it all worth it?

35 CS5038 Tom Campbell 35 Eye-tracking benefit Does eye-tracking benefit commercial web-sites? If the site makes millions and eye-tracking shows obvious confusion areas. Then an improvement to the site will be financially rewarding. Perhaps the registration procedure is difficult to locate a serious flaw. This was the case with the smile internet banking site until eye-tracking identified the problem. Evaluating the degree of interest in adverts according to varying factors seems also to be beneficial.

36 CS5038 Tom Campbell 36 What can you gain? Increased profits. Better user experience (less confusion). What can you lose? Cost of eye-tracking Opening up of business models to third party Break up of synergy Relying on third party advice (which will be biased commercially)

37 CS5038 Tom Campbell 37 Conclusion? Probably depends on particular circumstances of the clients web site. Money involved. Number of users visiting.

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