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1 Concentration

2 Molarity Moles of solute per liter of solution

3 Ex. 1 What is the molarity of a solution that was prepared by dissolving 11.5g of solid sodium hydroxide in 1.50L of water?

4 Ex. 2 Calculate the molarity of a solution prepared by dissolving 1.56g of gaseous HCl in enough water to make mL of solution.

5 Examples Calculate the number of moles of chloride ions in 1.75L of M zinc chloride. Typical blood serum is about 0.14M NaCl. What volume of blood contains 1.0mg of NaCl? To analyze the alcohol content of a certain wine, a chemist needs 1.00 L of an aqueous 2.5 M potassium dichromate solution. How much solid must be weighed out to make this solution?

6 Dilution When water is added to a concentrated solution in order to achieve the desired molarity (molarity)(volume) = (molarity)(volume)

7 Ex. What volume of 16M sulfuric acid must be used to prepare 1.5L of a .10 M solution?

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