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Scottish Teachers for a New Era Perspectives on Learning Seminar 18 March 2008 The Student Experience Sharing Experiences… the story so far.

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1 Scottish Teachers for a New Era Perspectives on Learning Seminar 18 March 2008 The Student Experience Sharing Experiences… the story so far

2 Year 1 Learning Courses Responsiveness and Responsibility Mhairi Freeman (B.Ed Lecturer)

3 Responsiveness 2005/06 cohort feedback informed significant changes to the Learning How to Learn course Ongoing commitment to making rationale and thinking behind pedagogy and content clear in both first year courses Co-construction of learning and active engagement by students is an essential element of both courses

4 Responsibility Learning How to Learn Reading > Questions shared in small groups > Student-led tutorials > Lecture Learning How Others Learn Reading & Lecture > Planning > School Investigations Key learning shared in small groups > Student-led reflective tutorial

5 Expectations and Aberdeen The story so far … Hayley Peace (B.Ed1 Student)

6 My Expectations Learning about the curriculum Maths, Language, Art, Science. Very little theory in first year. Everything about children. Treated as a number rather than a person. Just going in to Primary Schools.

7 What we actually do Lots of theories of learning about both me and children Set achievable SMART targets Treated as a person Lots of reading Placement once a week

8 Why I enjoy BEd Very interesting Lots of variety in lectures and tutorials which makes it fun Really personal Everyone is really friendly Very comprehensive

9 Semester One Learning How To Learn Really interesting Shown that if you understand these theories you can make other people understand too They do link in with children

10 Semester Two Learning How Others Learn Learning more about children Still got lots of reading to do Fun tutorials with lots of discussions which helps to enhance learning and understanding

11 Placement An Aberdeenshire Primary School Really friendly school Highlights what influences a childs learning Looks at the community aspects of learning and how this contributes to the whole learning of a child

12 Thoughts In General Great fun! Uses a variety of learning resources such as the internet and textbooks. Reading is easy to get hold of and is very comprehensive. Was much better than my expectations.

13 Thoughts on my learning Mary Bolton (B.Ed 1 Student)

14 My Feelings Other peoples perceptions of our course. Social Constructivist Approach Feedback

15 A Common Thought About Our New Course This new teacher training course is a load of rubbish, they need to be put in at the deep end to experience what teaching is really about. Thats how we were taught and I cant see anything wrong with it.


17 Social Constructivist Approach Scaffolding Lev Vygotskys Zone of Proximal Development states that with the help and guidance of a more knowledgeable other we can achieve more.

18 Feedback The giving and receiving of feedback Self Assessment The Happy Feedback Machine!

19 Now relating it to the field. Making Connections – Theory and Practice

20 Learning Together Robbies Autumn Adventure Morag Russell (B.Ed Senior Lecturer)



23 Learning from Years 1 & 2 Presentation Skills Understanding of where and how children learn Critical Reading

24 Spot the Refugee Lego Poster: Spot the Refugee

25 Learning Across the Curriculum Technology & Music Language and Art Health & Wellbeing & Sculpture Bogh Frois






31 Assessment in Practice A Rehearsal for Field Experience

32 Assessment in Practice From assessing maths in schools we learnt that it is important not to pre-judge a childs capabilities and that previous knowledge of the children is important when assessing children. We also now know the importance of evaluating the process the child went through rather than the end result. On our first day, the P3 teacher had given us the reading books that the children were working. This allowed us to plan some fun, practical reading activities to do with the children. These activities included word swap, sentence reconstruction, using the big pointer, sequencing events and also a follow up book review. The children all really engaged with the tasks that we did and were very enthusiastic. The tasks also provided opportunities for group work, predicting, using their imaginations, developing their own ideas, listening to one another, observing their own surroundings and to enjoy learning!!

33 Assessment in Practice On the whole we found the assessment in schools week an extremely rewarding experience, especially when after a few tries at a certain task, we could almost see a light bulb appear over a childs head, as if the penny had dropped and they could understand what we were asking them to do.

34 ERASMUS Students Comments They ask for opinions, its a reciprocal game. In tutorials they want us to speak to each other. Children are the main idea. Observing the teachers role was useful. We look at how their minds work. Storylines helps us to teach through the imagination. I have learned to be more flexible, more open minded and more confident about challenging the practice in my own country.

35 Hannah Slesser & Vikki Morgan (B.Ed 2 students)

36 The courses: Learning how to learn. Learning how others learn. From learning to teaching. Learning in and through the curriculum.

37 Psychology An additional elective

38 The STNE course Reflective teachers Interaction with tutors

39 Third Year and the Jump: T.D.A Assessment T.D.A. Social Subjects, Community Walk

40 Robbies Autumn Adventure A.T.L.A.C. Rainbow Days Robbie's Autumn Adventure: Garden Context

41 Working with others. Assessing.

42 First and second year placement: Observations Learning Conversations Pairs

43 Third year placement: Nursery Early Years Portfolio Leadership

44 Community Walk Learning Conversations SMART Targets Peer Assessment

45 Working with a mentor Two way learning Thank you for listening

46 A Teachers Perspective Lorraine Gill Portlethen Primary School

47 CPD event held at University provide opportunities to : Discuss the new Year 3 school experience model Share views, concerns with other colleagues Discuss assessment role and strategies for school evaluation Explore our role as supporter/ mentors Teachers as Partners

48 Supporting students on pre-school placement A new school experience model Enquiry Week 4 week block Evaluation through observation, regular learning conversations and sharing of Professional Portfolio and PROP Forms Shared Learning Experience

49 A Shared Learning Experience Cooperation Collaboration Co-learning Co-constructing

50 What have I gained from being a supporter/ mentor? Benefits include the opportunity to: develop a new and challenging role further my own professional development work in collaboration with others work in partnership to support and influence teacher education course development

51 The Way Ahead Ongoing opportunities for teachers to work in partnership with the University Continuing review of student /teacher experiences to develop and fine-tune courses Opportunities for all teachers to access training to develop their role as mentors to ensure consistency and quality of assessment and support offered to students on field experience

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