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The Presentation of Self In Everyday Life

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1 The Presentation of Self In Everyday Life
An Introduction to the Sociology of Erving Goffman

2 Lecture 1 Outline 1)Social Categorisation 2)Appearances 3)Dramaturgy
4)Performances 5)Impression Management 6)Roles 7)Teams 8)Regions

3 Social Categorisation
‘Whether for sociological purposes or in everyday life, categorisation and knowing the world are inseparable’ (Bruner, 1957).

4 Appearances Physiognomy:Johann Caspar Lavatar (1742-1801)
“The various thoughts which arise in the mind, the different passions which agitate the soul of man, are respectively connected with his features and the external parts of his frame; and so intimate is their correspondence, that the expression of the countenance, more rapid than speech, betrays his sentiments and emotions, and gives to his utterance energy and animation”(Essays on Physiognomy: ).

5 Dramaturgy: Erving Goffman
Goffman’s theatrical metaphor: “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players…”

6 Performances ‘Front’ ‘Setting’ ‘Scripts’ ‘Sacred & Profane’ ‘Routine’

7 Impression Management & Expressive Control
‘Appearance’ ‘Manner’ ‘Giving Off’

8 ‘Self-Distantiation’
Roles ‘Idealization’ ‘Role Distance’ ‘Self-Distantiation’ ‘Discrepant Roles’

9 Team Performances ‘Make-work’ ‘Dark Secrets’ ‘Strategic Secrets’
‘Insider Secrets’ ‘The Hard Sell’

10 Regions & Region Behaviour
‘Territories of the Self’ ‘Front Stage’ ‘Back Stage’

11 Stigma: Notes on The Management of Spoiled Identity (1963)
1) Normalcy & Alarms 2) Boundaries 3) Stigma 4) Forms of Stigma 5) Stigma & Everyday Interaction 6) Negotiating Stigma 7) The Experience of Stigma 8) Consumerism, Self Identity & Stigma

12 Normalcy & Alarms ‘When the human or animal senses that something is unnatural or wrong, that something is up, he is sensing a sudden opportunity or threat in his current situation.’ Goffman (1971)

13 Boundaries Anthony Giddens: Ontological Security
Peter Freund: Dramaturgical Stress

14 Stigma ‘…the situation of the individual who is disqualified from full social acceptance.’ Goffman (1963)

15 ‘Abominations of the Body’ ‘Blemishes of Character’
Forms of Stigma ‘Abominations of the Body’ ‘Blemishes of Character’ ‘Tribal Stigma’

16 Stigma & Everyday Interaction
‘Virtual/Actual Social Identity’ ‘Stigma is Situational’- (‘The Own & the Wise’) Repair, Embarrassment or Rejection

17 Negotiating Stigma Discredited Discreditable ‘Covering’ ‘Passing

18 The Experience of Stigma
A Case Study:‘Remaking the Body’(Seymour) Resisting stigma Rosa Parks

19 Consumerism, Self Identity & Stigma
Consumer Bodies/Consumer Selves: Defining social norms Home & Lifestyle (Setting and Impression Management) Exclusion, Belonging & Distinction

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