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IR 2501 Theories of IR Functionalism

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1 IR 2501 Theories of IR Functionalism

2 David Mitrany 1943 ‘ A working peace system’
Fabian influence + liberal left Greater public provision of welfare ‘problem of our time is not how to keep nations peacefully apart but how bring them actively together’ linking national and international problems not grand theory a certain determinist streak – primacy& determinant nature of economics and politics to yield to socio-economic base welfare of people more important than state

3 Assumptions (i) nation-state inadequate to satisfy needs
(i)    nation-state inadequate to satisfy needs (ii) war not  inherent in aggressive propensities but created by nation states (iii) focus on a particular task or function

4 STAGES (i)                 governments recognise that some functions can be better performed by international cooperation (ii)                create an international organisation relevant to that function and grant it power (iii)              cumulative process of transfer of functional methods (iv)              progressive implementation of organisation’s mandate needs to perceived need to enhance its powers

5 (v)               transfer of loyalties
(vi)              sanctions (vii)            incentives for peace

6 NB (i)                 high/low distinction (ii)                v. regional integration (iii)              indirect approach (iv)              not = technology

7 Problems (i) high/low (ii) states strengthened
(iii)              states can stop transfer of functions (iv)              do loyalties follow need gratification (v)               war comes from a number of sources (vi)              practical and political obstacles

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