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Geography graduates: the futures bright?. Introduction Careers/Employment Evaluation of course Summary.

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1 Geography graduates: the futures bright?

2 Introduction Careers/Employment Evaluation of course Summary

3 GEES Graduate Employability Survey Study looked at graduates from Gloucester, Leeds and Plymouth 1575 Surveys sent out to Geography, Earth and Environmental Science Students Response rate of 32% Of the 514 respondents 220 were Geography Graduates Millennium Survey 99 questionnaires sent out to 2000 and 2001 graduates 48 Questionnaires returned = return rate of 48% Targeted Survey to find out what our Graduates are doing now. Research

4 6 Months after Graduating University of Plymouth Geography Graduates These records typically show that 74% of Plymouth Geographers have found jobs, 16% are engaged in further study; and 10% have gone travelling

5 human resources other industry planning & surveying government & environment IT & GIS retail services finance & management First Job (information obtained 6 Months after graduating)

6 What do Geographers do? First job results Admin Assistant Working for LloydsTsb Teacher of Geography Planning Consultant Credit Analysis Information Officer for a Charity Graduate Surveyor Graduate Manager for Royal Mail Bus Driver Registration Officer Inward Investment Officer

7 Types of companies Geography Graduates have worked for – Current Job Ford Home Office Litchfield District Council Isle of Wight Council Hampshire County Council Birmingham County Council Gosport Borough Council Enterprise rent-a-car National Statistics Office Teaching (All Levels) Parcelforce Capita Insurance Services Environment Agency The AA UK Hydrographic Office Police Accountancy Firms Regen South West Lloyds TSB Climate Change Consultancy

8 Current Job Transport Planner, Birmingham City Council. £20-24,999 Mapping and Charting Office, UKHO, £20 – 24,999 Studying a PhD in Palaeoecology Major Accounts District Manager, ADP, £30+ Planning and Policy Manager, Regen SW, £30+ Planning Office, Environmental Department of Hampshire District Council, £25- 29,999 Transport Consultant, Halcrow Group Ltd, £20 -24,999 Some Examples….

9 Current Job First Job Graduate Manager – Royal Mail Scheme Bus DriverHydrological Technician Planning Assistant Call Centre Parcelforce Operations Manager Enterprise Rent a Car Corporate Account Manager Environment Agency Senior Environment Officer Principle Planning Officer – Litchfield District Council Secondary School Teacher

10 How many jobs have you had since graduating? Number of Jobs Number of Respondents Percentage 1716% 22660% 3614% 425% 52 24% of respondents have stayed in the same company and progressed.

11 Salaries

12 Salaries

13 It has substantially improved my job prospects? GEES Survey 2004

14 It has qualified me for a range of careers? GEES Survey 2004

15 Five years after completing their course, we asked a sample of Plymouth Geography graduates if they felt their degree had provided a good platform on which to build a career – 93% said yes, it did Millennium Survey

16 How qualified do you feel for your current employment? 6% Under qualified 73% Qualified 21% Over qualified Think back to the final year of your degree. Please indicate if you had a clear idea, a vague idea or no idea of the kind of career/ job you wanted? 26% Had a clear idea 48% Had a vague idea 26% Had no idea GEES Survey 2004

17 generic skills that employers seek Teamwork Leadership Communication Skills Problem-Solving Computing Flexibility Numeracy Creativity Commitment additional special skills of Geographers Fieldwork, Laboratory techniques, Graphic production, Social surveys, Information analysis GIS remote sensing 68 % of employers look for good graduates in any degree subject Skills, Skills, Skills

18 About Right – GEES Survey Woking Independently Fieldwork Skills Problem Solving Self Confidence Self/time Management Research Skills Working Under Pressure Working with Maps and Diagrams Written communication Presentation Skills Geography as a degree couldn't help you prepare more for employment. So wide ranging and varied – must be the only degree that covers all of the skills seen as attractive by employers – analytical skills, research, report writing, presentation, teamwork and working on own

19 Too Little – GEES Survey Leadership – 34% Professional Work Experience = 89% Business Awareness = 73% Career Planning = 46% Entrepreneurship = 69% I think business internships should play a more central role in any degree program. Stronger business links would mutually benefit the university, local industry and students alike

20 The Curriculum Should Include Skills Useful for Employment? GEES Survey 2004

21 Graduates need more vocational training? GEES Survey 2004

22 Career Guidance Should be part of the Curriculum? GEES Survey 2004

23 How has studying Geography helped you in employment? I enjoyed the modules I studied and use my knowledge and skills frequently in day to day life (Jenny Cox) Geography gave me a very broad understanding of multi-disciplinary subjects, allowing me to work in just about any field/sector. The best decision I've ever made!! (Steve Blamire) I enjoyed learning new aspects of Geography. Studying different aspects enabled me to precede what area I wanted to focus on for my career - before going to uni I didnt have an idea what area I wanted to work - the course helped me to decide. (William Martin) Millennium Survey 2006

24 Also needs to be student proactive Wrote/Updated my CV = 91% Visited my Institutions Career Centre = 72% Did some research on specific careers that I was interested in = 66% Visited a careers fair = 65% Sought advice on how to write a CV = 62% Browsed newspapers, websites and magazines = 56% Found out what skills/attributes employers wanted = 51% Had my CV checked by a tutor/advisor = 46% Had an interview with a careers advisor = 44% Kept a record of my personal development and achievements = 43% Gained work experience = 34% Asked a tutor for advice = 24% GEES Survey 2004

25 Michelle Clift-Matthews, Graduated 2000 Michelle is now a Senior Research Officer within the Office for National Statistics where she is engaged on research projects to improve migration and population statistics. Michelle provided the following reflections on her three years in Plymouth: I often wish I was back there... the course was excellent and I really enjoyed it. The field trips were really good and provided real insights, particularly the trip to South Africa. Modules were wide-ranging, interesting and varied, and ticked many of the employer skills requirements in terms of competences. Graduate Profiles

26 Kevin Kay, Graduated 2000 Kevin is now a Senior Transport Planner, involved in the task of highway modelling within the west London-based team, where he is attached to a Development Control Department. Part of his role involves working for major residential and commercial developers in the delivery of a transport case for various development proposals. This work has recently included Sherford new town (5500 dwellings) on the outskirts of Plymouth. He writes … My degree has provided the broad basis necessary to enable me to think outside of the box. The research skills and the diligence that it taught me has been the most important asset which I am now able to apply in my job. I say - thanks to all the lecturers for taking the time to develop the best in all of us.

27 Looking back on their degree would they choose to study Geography again? Millennium Survey 2006

28 Why would you study the same course again? Good range of modules to choose from, can specialise in particular area of geography. The degree covers a good and vast range of subjects (Laura Fisher 2001) I enjoyed the modules I studied and use my knowledge and skills frequently in day to day life (Jenny Cox 2000) Geography gave me a very broad understanding of multi-disciplinary subjects, allowing me to work in just about any field/sector. The best decision I've ever made!! (Steve Blamire 2001) It was a fantastic course and has given me a good standing for the development of my career (Lisa Kirby 2001) Millennium Survey 2006

29 Yomping Yomping the Nations 2007 Business competition One of the main reasons for the success stems from the fact that as Geographers the team are adaptable, flexible and resourceful. The broad range of skills developed throughout the degree programme, utilised effectively in the earlier stages of this competition, have produced a well rounded team. Although the team are determined and have a competitive edge they are very down to earth and likeable with an enthusiastic attitude. Whilst being self-assured and resourceful the team are aware of their knowledge limitations and are willing to accept advice from the experts. Grand Final won by Plymouth Geographers

30 Summary Our surveys have shown that Geography Graduates go into a diverse range of careers and are highly employable Skills developed through the degree are very relevant to employers 90% of graduates would choose to study the same course again Need for more promotion Still needs to be further development in Work Experience, Business Skills and Career Planning Students also need to be proactive

31 Geography graduates: the futures bright? Questions?

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