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Unit 1: Story.  “What you have to do, you do with play.”

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1 Unit 1: Story

2  “What you have to do, you do with play.”

3  Short Story-an imaginative prose narrative written to give the reader entertainment and insight. It is designed to produce a single impression or effect and is short enough to be read in one sitting.

4  Plot-what happens  Characters-who makes it happen  Theme-what it means  Setting-time, place, and general background  Tone or mood-the attitude or emotion of the author or narrator toward his subject or audience

5  The imaginary persons who carry out the action of the plot  Direct Exposition Telling the reader directly what the character is like  Indirect Exposition Allows the reader to draw his own conclusions from what the character himself does or thinks, or from what the other characters think of him

6  Static Character Remains essentially the same throughout the story  Dynamic Character Undergoes some change and is different at the end of the story

7  This story is trying to describe the character of Miss Dove? (Character Analysis)  What do each of the following points, of the story, reveal about her character? Miss Dove and the classroom- Miss Dove and Geography- Miss Dove and her rules- Miss Dove and the letter- Miss Dove and the crying students-

8  This short story is trying to teach you how to be a better character  Train- to fulfill your mind (by doing the following three things): Discipline your Mind Patience Do not Neglect the Memory  Remember your mind is your own creation

9  Mr. Gradgrind Sometimes, the facts can even skew an unbiased person Fact-based personality with zero social skills  Static Character: A character that undergoes little change A character that has little development

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