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Doorstep Geography Presented by GA Secondary Phase Committee.

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1 Doorstep Geography Presented by GA Secondary Phase Committee

2 Outline of session Quick Introduction – The place of Doorstep Geography Giving Doorstep Geography a go! Reflecting on Doorstep Geography (please note room change for this later session)

3 Doorstep Geography Is all about getting the kids outside and doing geography on their doorstep... My teacher likes it when we do Doorstep Geography because: - I am DOING geography and learning lots of new skills - I am meeting the National Curriculum/GCSE/A Level criteria - I am able to complete small enquiries within one lesson

4 My Headteacher likes it when I do Doorstep Geography because s/he doesnt have to worry about the cost of supply and cover. My other subject teachers like Doorstep Geography because it means I dont miss their lessons – I can do my fieldwork in my geography lesson time.

5 Doorstep Geography The Tasks

6 In Groups of four or five Resources include: - A camera - A map of the area - Task sheet

7 Photograph Challenge task What is unique about Manchester? Use a digital camera to take images that show this uniqueness. You cannot take pictures of people, buildings or vehicles! Think carefully about what is unique about Manchester

8 Choose two or more tasks from the list to complete on your travels in the local area. You have 45 minutes to complete all tasks Please return to Room:______ Feedback (Blog) Upload photographs

9 Plenary What have we learnt? Investigative Skills Independent Learning Fieldwork Use of ICT Thinking Skills Leading in Learning (LIL)

10 Post-it Note it! Write down on your post it one thing which you can take away from today's workshop which you would like to share with others. A Different activity? An application in a lesson? Age group you might try it with?

11 Doorstep Geography Presented by GA SPC members: Emma Johns Rachel Lawrenson David Rogers Ruth Totterdell David Roberts Stacey McCabe

12 Further Information Geogblog……… Or the GA website and follow link to the SPC

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