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Welcome to Aberdeen 1 Welcome to Computing Science.

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1 Welcome to Aberdeen 1 Welcome to Computing Science

2 2 Where is Computing Science? Everything is on the Web pages, deadlines, regulations, etc. Meston Building CSD: 2 nd Floor

3 3 People Head of Teaching: Judith Masthoff Director (undergraduate studies): Wamberto Vasconcelos Level 2 tutor: Nir Oren Level 3 tutor: Jeff Pan Level 1+4 tutor: Frank Guerin Advisers: See your Adviser to register for or change courses! You: Need to elect 2 class reps! Two staff/student meetings per year (in week 5)

4 Level 1 and Level 4 Tutor Frank Guerin Office: Meston 227 Homepage: Teaches Level 1 Course CS1015 Grand Challenges of Artificial Intelligence NOTE: First Lecture happens on Friday 1 st October (Tuesday lecture cancelled next week)

5 Portal Is your study aim (degree) correct? Check via student portal. Are you registered for the correct courses? Check via student portal. If wrong, see your Adviser… You may have problems graduating next Summer unless you get your course choices right now!

6 Level Information & Contacts Bookmark the Level Home Page: E-mail - check regularly for announcements CSD: Plasma screen & Level notice board Regulations Booklet & Online Level Handbook Talk to us! Course Tutors, Demonstrators & Lecturers HoD (by appointment)

7 7 Plagiarism Very serious issue! In simple English: cheating, copying, etc. With computers, plagiarism is easy! With the Internet, plagiarism is increasing! Staff obliged to report suspected plagiarism Penalties: Zero for assignment … zero for course!!

8 Software detection tools may be used Boss/Sherlock: Moss: Always acknowledge your sources: Acknowledge contributions of others Properly cite source - i.e. full URL or reference Writing got this from the Web isnt enough! If in doubt, ask your lecturer! Avoid Plagiarism

9 9 Plagiarism – How to Avoid Read assignment instructions carefully Usually, this means do the work on your own Note: it is OK to discuss assignments in general terms with your colleagues… Read the undergraduate handbook! Leave plenty of time for assignments Most copying happens the night before the deadline

10 Level 2 Tutor Dr. Nir Oren Surgery hour: 1-2pm Thursday Office: Meston 222 Teach Level 2 course CS2007 Homepage:

11 Level 3 Tutor Dr. Jeff Pan Surgery hour: 1-2pm Thursday Office: Meston 220 Teach Level 3 course CS3019 Homepage:

12 12 Mentoring The University is concerned about retention and poor attendance, esp. in Level 1, so now: Mentoring Scheme: Groups of about 10 Level 1 CS students Two Level 3 student mentors (CS3021) One PhD/Postdoc supervisor Friendly faces, similar experiences… Advice/discussion on issues/problems… Strongly recommended for all Level 1 CS students Very successful/popular last year – try it and see!

13 Level 3: Honours Regulations IMPORTANT: Only your first attempt at a honours assessment counts towards the final honours degree classification. Resits gain credits but do not improve mark for degree classification! If you are awarded a No Paper for any course – counts as CAS 0

14 14 Attendance You are expected to attend all lectures, tutorials and practicals which are specified for individual courses. Good attendance => Good exam results Past years show a strong correlation Have to sign-in for practicals Registry still send warning letters etc… See on-line CSD Handbook for rules…

15 15 Absences & Medical Notes Please notify Course Organiser if you miss a deadline due to illness (before deadline) Only Level Coordinators (for HoD) can grant extensions to deadlines But illness can be taken into account… You must supply written evidence of illness (GPs note) if absent for more than 7 days Hand in doctors note to Meston Reception or Student Reception (main uni office)

16 16 Assessment & Progression Continuous Assessment Submission box Late submissions and penalty Feedback from CAs should help you measure how well youre doing… Examination Typically: exam 50% + continuous 50% Revision lecture Resits – August (best to avoid!) Passes in CS1016 and CS1515 are required for entry to Level 2 Computing

17 Progression Regulations Entry into Senior Honours (Level 4) is not automatic: Students who have been accepted unconditionally onto an Honours programme will be eligible automatically to progress to the final year if they: 1.pass a minimum of 90 credits of the prescribed Level 3 courses for their intended degree programme AND 2. Satisfy any additional conditions imposed by Degree Regulations

18 Computer Accounts & Keys CSD Computer Accounts Keys Level 4 students are entitled to a key to Meston building A refundable £20 deposit is required Keys available from Meston Reception (G01) Please wait until next week

19 ACHIEVE The Graduate Attributes WebCT site Interactive learning resources Self-assessment tests & exercises Reflect & record in your ePortfolio

20 20 Important Info Societies (BCS, ACM, Computer Society)

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