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An Action Plan for Geography (APG) David Lambert GA.

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1 An Action Plan for Geography (APG) David Lambert GA

2 Why? Concerns – expressed by Ofsted, QCA Associated concerns about a stuck curriculum Shortage of subject specialists in schools Poor grasp of geographys educational potential Bad press

3 How? Geography Focus Group (2004-5) –Powerful group – of geographers in the world, and in education –Identification of priority themes –Consultation –Agreement on remit for an action plan

4 Who? GA and RGS-IBG, working together and building on complementary strengths DL and RG invited to become advisers for geography to the Secretary of State –To promote a more joined up and a deeper grasp of geography within and beyond the DfES –To propose an APG –To steer and ensure effective implementation of the APG.

5 When? Submit initial proposals – Feb 1 st 2006 Agree final Plan – March 6 th 2006 National Launch of Plan – March 30 th 2006 Implementation of the first phase April 2006 – April 2008

6 Priority themes ITT and CPD CCT CD OL and FW N and L PU and E

7 Goal To ensure that a clear vision for geography, its educational potential and its relevance to living in the 21 st century are understood by all, including the subject community and education policy makers at all levels, and that teaching professionals are enabled and equipped to realize this potential with students and to engage them with the subject in an enjoyable way which they value.

8 Main Objectives Improve quality of students experience Improve outcomes and achievement levels Raise profile of geography Deepen awareness and understanding of geography Enthuse geography teachers and students Arrest decline in exam candidature Raise recognition of geography teachers and their achievements Develop further a cohesive subject community

9 Implementation Communication –VGTC –Ambassadors Development –PQM, SQM –CGeog Support –Materials development –CPD programme

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