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2 The aims of this session During the next 20 minutes I will… Describe the context of Garibaldi College Describe a Scheme of Work about English National Identity which I developed last year Show examples of pupils work which were completed throughout this Scheme of Work

3 The context of Garibaldi College 11-18 Comprehensive School North Nottinghamshire coal mining region Mainly white, English, working-class, heterosexual families High levels of poverty and unemployment Relatively low-ability pupils No Geography specialist in two years Now only 1 Geographer, 4 Historians and no RE specialist within the Humanities Department No A level uptake of Geography for 8 years A Year 11 class of 7 pupils; no uptake in Year 10 Current Year 9: first year studying Geography under a specialist

4 The aims of the scheme of work To broaden pupils awareness of the different cultures which are found in England To allow pupils to consider what was, and what is, typically English To allow pupils to consider whether their own lives are typically English To address the levels of racism in the school To improve the quality and quantity of pupils work To improve uptake of GCSE Geography To offer pupils the opportunity to enjoy and experience a different type of Geography

5 Lesson 1: What is Englands identity? Pupils enter the room to music See a slide show of blurred images of different countries Discuss what image might represent England using the examples shown in the presentation Make a spider diagram of these images Discuss which of these images are relevant to pupils lives Homework: Past Identity vs. Present Identity

6 The Queen David Beckham Pubs British Bulldog Rain Big Ben Football Hooligans Full English Breakfast Rolls Royce Cars Roast Beef Dinner Eastenders Red Double Decker Buses Oak Trees National Anthem The Beatles Little Britain Fox Hunting Fish and Chips Tony Blair Curry Houses The Seaside Branston Pickle James Bond

7 Lesson 2: From butties to bhajis Skills-based lesson: graph drawing Use a worksheet Uses takeaway food as one aspect of pupils lives which is multi-cultural Complete graph of takeaways and discuss the geographical issues which surround takeaway food: – International Trading – Immigration – Travel – Relationship between the media and National Identities

8 Lesson 3: Thank you for the music Use music as another aspect of pupils lives which is mutlicultural Explore different genres of music… Country, Rock and Roll, Blues, Folk, Dance …and discuss the geography of this music: – Travel – Immigration – Slavery – War Then ask pupils to relate this knowledge to the current Top 10 singles chart

9 Lesson 4: A right royal mess Bring pupils in to music Separate into groups: ask each group to brainstorm their responses to different issues surrounding the Royal Family Then jigsaw the groups Write up a table of For and Against arguments about whether or not we should keep the monarchy in this country Homework: Essay: In your opinion, do you think that we should keep the Royal Family or not? Interview your family about their own views on this subject

10 Lesson 5: Representations of England Literacy link to English and Media studies Show clips of different television programmes, adverts and film clips: Eastenders, Four Weddings and a Funeral, HP sauce adverts, Coronation Street, Fawlty Towers, Pride and Prejudice, Bridget Jones Diary, Emmerdale, Heartbeat, The Krays, Bisto adverts, Discuss how well each clip represented England – think- pair-share Homework: Is Little Britain an accurate representation of todays Britain?

11 Lesson 6: Represent your country Assessed pupils understanding of the difference between traditional and contemporary images of Englishness Pupils were asked to make a poster including at least 4 images which they felt were a good representation of modern English life Much higher standard of work than usual Many pupils chose to include some traditional images, but were able to explain why they had done this Completed within one lesson Easy to assess Fantastic work to display around the classroom

12 Benefits of the Scheme of Work Pupils were keen to become involved in class and individual discussions as they found the topic interesting – between 60 and 80 per cent of pupils said that they found the subject interesting and enjoyed it Parents feedback was very good, particularly regarding homework tasks Complies with National Curriculum and Citizenship requirements Massive improvement in homework – both quality and quantity Pupils enjoyed the subject and found it interesting – between 60-90% response in a typical end-of-unit questionnaire Provoked many discussions about racism, immigration and other topical issues

13 Further developments of the scheme of work Further cross-curricular links with History, RE, Languages, PE, ICT, Citizenship A study of British National Identities – HA pupils Is your town/city/village typical of England Research and questionnaires of different generations and/or community members Extended enquiry into international perceptions of England Debates about issues such as Fox-Hunting, Immigration, Racism Enquiry about the effect of large events such as Euro 96 and the Olympics on international perceptions of England Links with studies of regional identity at GCSE/AS/A2 level

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