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The User Interface Making life easier for the user.

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1 The User Interface Making life easier for the user

2 What is an application? Database that users can use without any knowledge of Access The designer needs to know how to add tables, forms, reports etc. to the database The user just needs to enter data, generate reports

3 Part of the Requirement Real life - think about it from the start What actions does the user need to do? Does your table structure support the actions Validation checks?

4 Add more Objects Familiar ones –e.g Combo boxes, Forms, Queries New ones –e.g buttons, macros, event procedures

5 Importing objects You can reuse designs from other databases You are importing objects, not data Exercise - import objects from the master database into your database

6 A startup form Autoexec Macro opens the form when the database starts. Button Objects on form trigger actions e.g. –Open form for data entry –Print report

7 What Forms can do Enter data in tables (e.g owners form, cats form, bookings form) Offer menu selection using combo boxes (e.g list of owners on bookings form) Locate a record in a table (e.g Grey Malkins record in the cats table) Run queries to update tables (e.g set run no to 0 when cat leaves)

8 Macros Carry out actions Choose from drop down list of actions in Macro Window e.g open a form, go to a record Need to specify which form (e.g Owners form), which record (e.g new record)

9 Event Procedures Carry out actions A small visual Basic Program Access 97 will write simple procedures for you.

10 Event Procedures v Macros Easier to maintain, built into the object that uses it Experienced Visual Basic programmers have more scope BUT Macros are easier for beginners

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