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Introduction to Microsoft Excel 97 Vivien Hall CCS.

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1 Introduction to Microsoft Excel 97 Vivien Hall CCS

2 Timetable n 14:00 - 17:00 n Break 15:30 - 15:45 n Questions session 16:30 - 17:00

3 Aims n Basic skills to create a simple spreadsheet n Do some simple calculations n Chart the data n NOT about mathematical or statistical methods

4 About the workshop n Self paced with help from tutors n Simple sales example - could be any numeric data n e.g student marks, expenses, results of experiments/surveys

5 Workshop Material n Doc 5.68 Introduction to Excel 97 n Additional material to take away - Doc 5.83 Working with Data in Microsoft Excel 97. Includes more advanced topics

6 About the material n See Doc 5.68 Introduction for conventions used n Need to do things in the order given n Things to do are labelled Practice. Round bullets indicate steps to do. n Pointed bullets used to emphasise points - not things to do.

7 Workshop Prerequisites n Use of mouse, keyboard & Windows desktop n Parts of a window n Menus and dialogue boxes n Opening & saving files n Using Help

8 What is a spreadsheet? n Paper or electronic document n Columns (down the page) labelled A, B, etc. n Rows (across the page) labelled 1, 2, etc. n Intersection of row and column is a cell n Cell address is column address followed by row address e.g A1, C10

9 Introductory topics (Doc 5.68) n Enter data, edit it, format it, print it n Perform calculations (need to know what you want to do!) n Text to label data n Chart data

10 Working with Data (Doc 5.83) n Sort data n Filter data n Summarise data (pivot tables) n Work with time series n Copy tables into Microsoft Word 97 documents

11 Excel Window n Fig. 1 Page 3 in notes n Similarities to Word 97, e.g menu bars, tool bars, buttons, scroll bars n New objects e.g – Formula Bar – Cells, Row & Column labels – Worksheet tabs & Navigation Arrows

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