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Southern Colonies SS note taking section of 3 ring binder.

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1 Southern Colonies SS note taking section of 3 ring binder

2 The English Spread South Jamestown in 1607, settlement for the English was slow. By the 1660's the English moved south. This begain the differences between the North/Middle Colonies (town and city life) and the South (rual farms/plantations) These were a PROPRIATARY Colonies: meaning someone owned them Maryland Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Georgia -88F2-489B-B593-5DF425EDE178

3 Maryland A haven for those who wanted to worship as Catholics Founded by George Calvert, the Lord Baltimore. The colony was named after the new queen...Queen Mary m/index.cfm?guidAssetId=7FBF186A- 7E6D-46DC-BB5D-D8D44D531F22

4 Georgia Started by Englishmen called the Georgia Trustees. Had 2 goals: provide debtors with a place where they could build a new life and to keep the Spanish in Florida from settling further north ( a buffer colony). First leader of GA was James Oglethorpe. He arrived in 1733 with 35 families and settled in Savannah. War broke out between English and Spanish, Native Americans fearing of loosing more land attacked the settlement. Also only small numbers of debtors arrived in the new colony.

5 GA continued Settlement was slow to grow because farms failed. There were strict rules for the colony: no one could own more than 50 acres, slavery was prohibited and settlers were to do only certain types of farming. Those types of farming failed because of soil type and climate. The charter expired and by 1752 GA was a true colony to the crown. As colonies begain to loose their charters and were no longer owned by individuals, they reverted back to the crown.

6 The Carolina's King Charles gave land south of VA to 8 Lord of Proprietors to thank them for their help in getting his throne back. The name Carolina comes from the Latin Carolus, or Charles. Hoped to make money off selling land and rent. They failed. Only a few settlers came to the Carolina area. Most settled on the coast in Charles Town (Charleston). The two areas of Carolina developed differenlty

7 The Carolina's Cont... In 1712 the colony was split into NC and SC. In the north, the rivers were shallow and there were few good harbors. Those who lived in the colony were only able to raise what they ate: NO PROFITS. Small farms=small number slaves In the south, the coastal plain was swampy, so this became ideal for rice growing. Rice plantations sprung up much larger than the tobacco plantations in MD and VA. Large Plantations=large number of slaves. uidAssetId=5C92305B-FB2D-4DD6-BC18- 9629E82E77AC

8 Trade and Slavery Triangular Trade 1700's

9 Slavery... 95% of all slaves that came to New World headed to the Carribean and S. America. Slavery is an ancient practice though not practiced in the hunter gatherer societies: Native Americans. Majority of Slaves to New World came from Western Africa

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