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Derek Longhurst Chief Executive

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1 Derek Longhurst Chief Executive

2 Higher Ambitions We will give priority to growing a diverse range of models of higher education. These include options such as part-time and work-based courses aimed particularly at mature students or those from non-conventional backgrounds…We will also encourage the further expansion of the successful Foundation degree Higher Ambitions: The future of universities in a knowledge economy. BIS (2009)

3 National growth in Foundation degree student numbers

4 Regional growth in Foundation degree student numbers

5 Number of Fd courses running (2008-09)

6 Who teaches Fd students?

7 Mode of study (2008-09) 24% part-time 42% part-time 76% full- time 58% full- time

8 Entrants by region

9 Entrants by subject area

10 Widening access (Fd entrants) Institution type Age group % full-timers from low participation neighbourhoods % part-timers from low participation neighbourhoods FECYoung Mature 22% 24% 21% 22% HEIYoung Mature 15% 16% 19%

11 Workplace as learning environment Work as the curriculum Greater flexibility Integration of theory and practice Integration of employability skills with academic skills Transformation of HE?

12 Flexible delivery Work-based learning Incorporation of NOS/professional standards Supports changes within a sector e.g. development of a multi-professional workforce to support service users Accreditation of in-house training Workforce professionalisation

13 Derek Longhurst Chief Executive

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