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Flexible, part-time pathways to a degree. The OU mission We promote educational opportunity and social justice by providing high-quality university education.

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1 Flexible, part-time pathways to a degree

2 The OU mission We promote educational opportunity and social justice by providing high-quality university education to all who wish to realise their ambitions and fulfil their potential. The Open University is a world leader in modern distance learning, the pioneer of teaching and learning methods which enable people to achieve their career and life goals studying at times and in places to suit them. (About the OU > The OU explained) 40% of undergraduates have less than 2 A levels; 16% from most socio-economically disadvantaged postcodes and have no previous HE; 30% currently receive financial support.

3 The changing context for HE funding Huge challenges ahead…however, We have persuaded the Government: - to establish parity of funding for part-time HE - to reduce the eligibility level for the student finance package from 40 credit points to 30 - that applying the UCAS tariff will disadvantage openness However…. Up to 80% of teaching funding will go There will be no grants to cover fees

4 Post-Browne and post-Comprehensive Spending Review Higher Tuition Fees that have to be paid to institutions upfront Loans to pay back once they have graduated and are in jobs earning over £21,000 per year Loans will no longer be interest free Is it worth it? Is there an alternative?

5 Study which fits around work, family and a social life I did my BA at the OU. Working full-time as a financial administrator at the Arts Council of Wales, I set aside time to do my studying on Sundays. I found the studying really manageable and straightforward. Paying off my fees wasnt a problem either. Its so much easier this way – Ive got a degree now as well as five years work experience, which is pretty good for a 21 year old. Rebecca Rumbul (aged 21) BA (Hons) Humanities

6 A few things about the OU Were more interested in the students motivation not their previous qualifications - so entry is through guidance Our flexible approach gives students the chance to start their careers or manage their family or other commitments Were the UKs biggest university with 210,000 students 32,000 students are under the age of 24 years We offer over 300 academic and professional qualifications

7 We currently offer a debt-free way to get a top degree Students could study for free if they earn under £16,845 Funding is based on the students household income – not their parents income Partial funding is available even if students are earning up to £30,000 We offer flexible payment options to help spread the costs Even without funding our course fees are lower, for example a Psychology degree only costs £4980

8 A world-leading approach to study and support Supported Open Learning delivers teaching and materials direct to the student Impartial advice provides pre-entry guidance Personal tutors are allocated to each course and are available by phone and online Fellow students, tutorials, blogs and Facebook groups provide a supportive community for learning and fun Our award winning careers website and Advisory Service means support continues even after graduation

9 Our qualifications explained Over 300 academic and professional qualifications are available This includes Certificates, Diplomas, Foundation degrees, Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees, spread over 14 main subject areas We offer focused pathways leading to named degrees and professional qualifications Popular Open Degrees offer a mix and match approach Study routes can alter to suit changing interests. You can study part- time or full-time and take breaks between courses

10 Help for people with disabilities or additional requirements We offer a much more accessible and flexible system than traditional forms of study 10,000 of our current students have a disability or additional requirements We can provide additional support and adapt our services to meet students needs Financial support is available through a Disabled Students Allowance We also provide information and support for those with a caring responsibility

11 What our graduates say I took a Law degree with the OU because I didnt want to get into loads of debt. At one point, I was working full-time and doing full-time study. The local law firm, where I applied to train as a solicitor afterwards, was very impressed that Id been disciplined enough to do an OU degree. You can work at your own pace and fit it into your life – but you do have to be organised. It worked for me! Emma Bettles (aged 23) LLB (Hons)

12 Were Britains favourite university 94% of our students are satisfied with the overall quality of our courses, this is higher than any other UK university We are one of the top three universities for student satisfaction in the 2010 National Student Survey. Right now 210,000 students are studying with us 32,000 students are under 24 years

13 Now you know... but if you want to know more... You can visit our Study at the OU website Younger Students website at: Find out more about financial support with our eligibility checker at: Let me have your details if you want to join our Advisers Mailing list and receive relevant updates

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