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Evaluating a transition ePortfolio Phil Harley 14-19 Transition Strategy Manager City of Nottingham Local Authority, UK ePortfolio CETLs & DeL projects.

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2 Evaluating a transition ePortfolio Phil Harley Transition Strategy Manager City of Nottingham Local Authority, UK ePortfolio CETLs & DeL projects seminar University of Nottingham–July 20th 2006

3 Functional Definition A collection of authentic and diverse evidence (drawn from a larger archive) Representing what a person/organisation has learned over time (after reflection) Designed for presentation to one or more audiences for a particular purpose Process and Product

4 Key priorities for Passportfolio Improving transition Personalised Learning Improved advice and guidance Improving and tracking progression Encourage partnership working Recognising all achievement

5 Passportfolio Learners Achievement Zone Reviewing Zone Presenting Zone Teachers Information Zone Student Zone

6 Achievement Zone Personal data Work Related Curriculum Work Experience Achievement Transcript Reviewing Zone Student Self Review CEG Programme Skills Assessment Individual learning plan LIFLONGLIFLONG L I F E W I D E Presenting Zone Application forms Transcript Curriculum Vitae EnquiryApplication Induction

7 Passportfolio Messaging service Work – a multimedia online space Diary – personal reflection area Research space Reminders of targets Ask Aardvark advice & support function




11 Reviewing Zone STEP 1: About Me STEP 2: My Skills STEP 3: My Learning Styles STEP 4: My Ambitions STEP 5: Getting Started STEP 6: Getting There STEP 7: Setting Goals Individual Learning Plan

12 A checklist for schools and colleges Technical capabilities e.g. storage Interoperability with other services Usability e.g. navigation Possibilities for social interactions Differentiated materials Links with MIS Can impact be measured

13 What could we evaluate? Quality of applications Effect on induction & retention Social interactions What it adds to the curriculum Usability Enjoyment, engagement & motivation Raising self-esteem, self-awareness & empowerment Its effect on learning

14 What we did evaluate? Meeting stakeholder needs Usability Reviewing zone activities The process of writing a personal statement The personal statement Levels of enjoyment Levels of self-awareness

15 How did we evaluate? (1) Methods Focus groups Observation Questionnaires Pre activity Activity Post activity

16 How did we evaluate? (2) Four institutions city school – year county school – year city school – year 12 FE college - level 2

17 Findings (1) Perceived usefulness 93% said e-portfolio would be useful and gave reasons Usability 88% felt confident with software

18 Findings (2) Activities 84% said they were enjoyable and 88% said they helped in writing a personal statement Enjoyment 86% enjoyed using Passportfolio whilst 57% found it stimulating!

19 Findings (3) Self-awareness 76% learned more about themselves using the e- portfolio Personal statement 91% were happy with personal statement and 95% felt it reflected the kind of person they were. 84% wanted examples

20 What they said (1) I like this because no one has ever asked me what Ive achieved before I realise that I have achievements even though it isnt in school It would be good for jobs, colleges and university applications It would be useful to keep track of all my work and what I want to do

21 What they said (2) I get to look over what Ive achieved in life It will store all my information III need for jobs or college Ive written down things about myself that I usually wouldnt have thought of I liked writing about myself because I never realised how much I have achieved It made me look at myself

22 Some difficulties in evaluation Evaluation as part of the design process Many other factors influence a personal statement Impact will need to be determined by longitudinal studies Decide what to evaluate, incorporate in project before use

23 Success factors Identifying institutional priorities and offering to solve problems Recognising cultural differences Championing and enabling partnership and collaboration within an independent framework Supporting the varying levels of awareness and technical knowledge

24 Issues around future developments Students need ULN early E-portfolio as private and public document Moving portfolio across and around institutions Single sign on Accessing qualification databases/verification Links with e-assessment Ownership issues Transition data e.g. reports from schools and progression data back to schools Linking to other web services

25 References The original e-portfolio can be found at Details of the Centre for International e-portfolio Development at Nottingham at An article giving more detail on Passportfolio National policies at Definition at

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