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Where do you FIND this stuff? Lesson plan portals for English / Language Arts teachers.

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1 Where do you FIND this stuff? Lesson plan portals for English / Language Arts teachers

2 Read Write Think Read Write Think (  Sponsored by NCTE and IRA  Lessons written to careful specifications (technology component, NCTE standards, explanation of theory)  Organized by literacy engagement and grade level, K-12

3 EdSITEment EdSITEment  Sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities  Organized by title of the lesson  Grade levels indicated at the lesson page, K-12  Includes assessment ideas and related links

4 The Library of Congress The Library of Congress  Click on “Teachers” tab  Rich with primary source material  New: TPS Direct, Professional Development for individuals or groups  New: World Digital Library, global cultural treasures in 7 languages  “You pay for it every April 15 – you might as well use it.”

5 Writing Fix Writing Fix  Sponsored by the Northern Nevada Writing Project  Lots of prompts, 6-trait ideas, and WAC support  Lots of enthusiasm for writing and kids, K-12  Come prepared to browse (no search feature)

6 National Writing Project  Includes research and professional development  Includes articles on teacher research and inquiry  Has some lesson ideas, too

7 ArtsEdge ArtsEdge  Sponsored by the Kennedy Center  Emphasis on music, dance, visual arts, and theater integrated with literature and writing  Organized alphabetically by lesson title, K-12

8 Glencoe Literature Library Glencoe Literature Library  Downloadable files with handouts, literacy focus  Recognizes expanding canon writers  Alphabetical order by title  Secondary titles only (7-12)

9 Folger Shakespeare Library Folger Shakespeare Library  Click to find Lesson Plans, 5-12  A different link has study guides  Site always under development  Shakespeare in American Life, Shakespeare in American Life

10 Scholastic Scholastic  Now P-12  Follow links for grade level, literacy level  Rich database of articles  Regularly add new material

11 Online Writing Lab Online Writing Lab @ Purdue  Research process  MLA and APA citation  Grammar & Mechanics  Technical writing  Creative Writing

12 Guide to Grammar and Writing Guide to Grammar and Writing  Increasing levels of sophistication  Words/sentences  Paragraphs  Essays/research papers  Self quizzes, additional support  Labor of love for Dr. Charles Darling

13 The Blue Book of Grammar The Blue Book of Grammar  Grammar and mechanics rules  Self quizzes  Rules are free, quizzes now require subscription

14 WebQuests (Bernie Dodge) and (Tom March)  Teachers nominate their WebQuests for inclusion.  Includes information on how to write a WebQuest  K-12, cross-curricular

15 ThinkfinityThinkfinity (formerly MarcoPolo)  “Portal of portals”  Sponsored by Verizon Foundation  Affiliates include many state depts of ed  Lessons and materials for E/LA, science, math, social studies, arts, more  Searchable

16 Web English Teacher Web English Teacher  Links to all the other sites  Organized by author’s last name or by subject (journalism, creative writing)  Search or browse  Webmaster likes to hear from you!

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