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Fitness Goal 7:01 Identify factors that affect fitness.

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1 Fitness Goal 7:01 Identify factors that affect fitness.

2 Definitions wellness- an approach to life that emphasizes taking positive steps toward overall good health fitness-health; your body’s ability to meet physical demands/speeds up metabolism

3 Elements of Fitness

4 1. Strength the ability of your muscles to exert force List 10 “everyday” ways you can build your strength. List 5 “purposeful” ways you can build your strength.

5 2. Endurance the body’s ability to use energy over a period of time without getting tired built up through aerobic activities (sustained, rhythmic activities that improve the efficiency of your heart and lungs)

6 aerobic exercise- increases the body’s intake of oxygen and helps improve the circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the body List 10 aerobic activities.

7 3. Flexibility the ability of the body’s joints to make the full range of movements available to them (kneel, bend, turn, throw) reduces risk of injury improve by bending and stretching

8 Benefits of Fitness

9  helps you grow and develop normally  improves balance, coordination, flexibility  maintain healthy weight=look/feel better

10  healthy skin  reduce risk of heart disease,high blood pressure, diabetes, some cancers

11  manage stress (mental tension caused by change)  build self-esteem  feel more alert and energetic  increase confidence

12 Components of Fitness

13 Nutrition the study of how your body uses the nutrients in the foods you eat If you do not eat the food your body needs, you can suffer from malnutrition. (energy, growth, repair, and regulation of body processes become impaired) eating the right foods and the right amount of foods

14 Not eating the healthy food your body craves can cause headaches, dizziness, and stomach pangs. This can cause irritability and mood swings.

15 Exercise Set a goal. Increase exercise slowly. Vary your activities. Choose activities that are convenient and fun. Use it as a social outlet. Set a new goal once you have achieved the previous one.

16 Physical Activity everyday activities that require you to be physically activity 60 minutes a day List 10 examples.

17 Healthy Weight Height- the taller a person is, the more he or she can expect to weigh Age- adults typically weigh more than teens Gender- males typically weigh more than females at the same height

18 Bone structure- larger body frame weighs more than smaller body frames Body build- muscular people tend to weigh more

19 Metabolism Metabolism varies among individuals. Muscle mass increases metabolism. Basal Metabolism-the amount of energy required to maintain one’s automatic body functions (breathing, digesting, growing, etc.) slows down as you age

20 Eating Disorders anorexia nervosa- eating disorder that involves starving oneself bulimia- eating disorder that involves extreme overeating and vomiting binge eating disorder- compulsive overeating

21 Underweight lowered resistance to infection reduced muscle strength malnutrition weigh at least 15% less than recommended healthy weight In order to gain weight- slowly and steadily choose low-fat, nutrient and calorie dense foods.

22 Overweight weigh 15% more than recommended weight usually caused by lack of physical activity

23 Effects of Obesity strain on bones, muscles, internal organs trouble walking and breathing high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer 15 lbs overweight can cause a higher risk of early death

24 Overweight Epidemic  65% of adults in the US are overweight  15% of children and teens are overweight

25 Why Weight is Rising: Advertisements Television/Technology fast food convenience foods people less active eating for comfort

26 Weight Loss 1 lb a week is recommended Fad diets do not work. Robbing your body of what it wants or needs only causes you to overeat. Too much weight loss can cause health problems. A lack of calories can cause the body not to run properly.

27 Eat reasonable portions of nutritious foods. Choose broiled meat/poultry/fish over fried. Do not follow fad diets or diets that require you to purchase special foods. Eat food from all food groups. EXERCISE!

28 Healthy Weight Body Mass Index (BMI) BMI=weight in pounds x 703 ------------------------ height in inches squared

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