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Dr Austen Spruce Medical Careers Day. Health Care in Birmingham.

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1 Dr Austen Spruce Medical Careers Day

2 Health Care in Birmingham

3 Entry requirements for medicine: Selection for interview

4 Medicine at Birmingham Two different degree programmes 5-year (after A-levels) Graduate entry (4-year) Biology-related degree first usually Able to relax A-level grades

5 Getting the numbers right 345 places; 2,250 applications National data: 8,000 places; 20,000 applications Conversion rate (percentage of applicants who accept an offer) – 50% So, make 750 offers Interview >1,200 (an increase)

6 Means of selection for interview Using UCAS data ……. Predictors of success? Best evidence for school-leaving qualifications Aptitude tests - (UKCAT NOT used) Personal statement / reference Selection primarily based on academic results But, contextual information will be used to select proportion of interview candidates

7 Academic Profile GCSEs: Preference for A* in Science, Maths and English Relaxed for applicants who meet contextual threshold International Baccalaureate – 36 pts Biology and Chemistry at Higher Level

8 Academic Profile – contd. AS-levels: used for selection Final result at end of year 12 (not unit marks) Threshold – AAAA (relaxed for candidates identified using contextual data) A2-levels: Three subjects (no advantage with four) Chemistry + Biology + other academic subject Concern if additional two subjects are insufficiently academic (e.g. Drama and Art)

9 What else? Academic results do not identify best doctors No psychological testing – not useful anyway? But, looking for well-rounded, motivated individuals Work experience and extra-curricular activities Extent of involvement judged using personal statement – acceptable threshold? Assessed formally at interview

10 The interview and getting the right work experience

11 Work experience Direct clinical observation not required Not used to full advantage Negative influence on in-depth research!? Investigate the career Information from news reports Evidence of commitment to a public servant role Health care experience: Long-term; caring for vulnerable people Incl. paid work

12 The interview – New mechanism Multiple Mini-Interviews Initially, only 4 stations – 5 min at each Assessed characteristics: Interpersonal communication Motivation and understanding of medicine Ethical reasoning Logical reasoning Compassion Format: 1-to-1 discussion; Interaction with actor; task to complete

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