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Cycles in Nature.

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1 Cycles in Nature

2 The Cycles of Matter Three cycles that moves matter among the environment and living things Water cycle Carbon cycle Nitrogen cycle

3 The Water Cycle – Let’s review

4 The Water Cycle The movement of water among oceans, atmosphere, land, and living things. Precipitation- water moving from atmosphere to land Ex: rain, snow, sleet, hail 91% falls into the ocean, 9% on land renews fresh water supply

5 The Water Cycle Evaporation- water moving from the land to the atmosphere The sun’s heat causes water to change from liquid to vapor Condensation- water vapor becoming liquid again due to cool atmosphere Transpiration- water moving from living things back into the atmosphere Ex: evaporation from leaves, perspiration from humans

6 The Water Cycle Ground Water- precipitation that seeps into the ground and is stored in underground caverns and porous rock Provides water for the soil, streams, rivers, and oceans Our water supply is not getting larger so we must protect our fresh water from pollution!!

7 The Water Cycle

8 The Carbon Cycle

9 The Carbon Cycle The movement of carbon from the environment into living things and back again Carbon is essential to all living things because it is part of our molecules.

10 The Carbon Cycle Photosynthesis- carbon moves from the environment into living things Plants use carbon dioxide from the air to make sugar Animals get carbon from eating plants Respiration- carbon moves from living things back to the environment Sugar molecules are broken down to release energy and carbon dioxide is given off when we exhale

11 The Carbon Cycle Decomposition- carbon moving from dead organisms back to the environment Fungi and bacteria decompose dead organisms Combustion- the process of burning fuel Burning fossil fuels releases carbon back into the atmosphere

12 The Carbon Cycle

13 The Nitrogen Cycle

14 The Nitrogen Cycle The movement of nitrogen from the environment to living things and back again. 78% of our atmosphere is nitrogen gas Nitrogen fixation- the process of bacteria changing nitrogen gas into usable nitrogen for plants Animals get nitrogen from eating plants Other bacteria decompose dead animals and animal waste and return nitrogen to the atmosphere

15 The Nitrogen Cycle

16 Dr. Destruction Comic Strips
You will be responsible for creating a comic strip featuring an evil villain who plans to destroy an ecosystem by interrupting one of the cycles that runs in an ecosystem. Choose one cycle from the following: Water Cycle Carbon Cycle Nitrogen Cycle

17 Dr. Destruction Comic Strips
The comic strip must explain: The way the cycle works How the villain plans on disrupting the cycle What effects the villain’s interruptions will have on the cycle What plan your superheroes have for stopping the interruption You will be graded on: Having all requirements in your comic strip Using color and creativity in the final product All members will be graded on the final project with a participation grade added based on their involvement in the project.

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