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September 2. Identity crisis Cloud storaging.

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1 September 2

2 Identity crisis Cloud storaging




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10 logical multiple responsible accessible available



13 Slide 5: sts discuss questions in pairs. After that, elicit then reveal characters’ names, conduct a brief WG discussion and allow them to share their thoughts on them. Even if sts know the complete story, don’t spend much time on it at this moment: they’ll work with it on the next slide. Slide 9: show images and elicit names of devices. After checking the items’ names, ask what they have in common. Slide 10: show image and ask sts how it relates to what they discussed on the previous slide. Click to reveal question and discuss it with WG before showing text. In the last question on this slide, encourage sts to use the adjectives on the screen. Slide 11: encourage sts to use modals of deduction to guess the story. Don’t allow this activity to carry on for too long.

14 hello-kitty-in-los-angeles-not-a-cat-20140826-column.html#page=1 that-are-easy-to-avoid/

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