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Managing Agent and Centre Apprenticeship Update Friday 8 th June 2012.

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2 Managing Agent and Centre Apprenticeship Update Friday 8 th June 2012

3 Stephen Sheridan Scottish Careers and Qualifications Manager – ConstructionSkills

4 Changes to Apprenticeships Whats staying… Skills Test here to stay as a unit within the re- accredited craft SVQs: –Apprentices will still be sitting Skills Tests until at least 2021. –Increasingly important part of assessing competence Current framework of SVQ, NPA/PDA, Core Skills Registration with Apprenticeship Council

5 Changes to Apprenticeships Whats changing… New method of evidence gathering for SVQ: CREWs This change is driven by : –pressure from regulator. –pressure from SSC. –lack of evidence gathered from the workplace. –robustness of evidence gathered. –In some cases there is limited experience on site. Change supported and signed off by Industry

6 Changes to Apprenticeships Whats changing… Craft PDA content This change is driven by : –changes in industry practices –legislation –feedback from employers Change supported and driven by Industry steering groups

7 Changes to Apprenticeships Whats changing… PDA Sequence of Delivery - college attendance This change is driven by : – need to increase achievement rates – inconsistent preparation for skills test – lack of evidence gathered from the workplace – In some cases there is limited experience on site Change supported and signed off by Industry

8 Changes to Apprenticeships Whats changing… Skills testing This change is driven by : –Attendance and achievement rates –Introduction of SPADAC SVQ level 3 –Cost, quality and consistency Industry supportive of content but ConstructionSkills reviewing delivery, support and co-ordination functions in partnership with SBATC and SPADAC

9 Modern Apprenticeship Funding Proposed new funding norm plans for craft SVQ level 3 Current plans based on unitised milestone achievement Plans for new reaccredited plans based on Progress reviews

10 Modern Apprenticeship Funding Progress review – proposal 13 progress reviews over 4 year period – every 13 weeks in year 1 and 2 (4 reviews per year) – every 17 weeks in year 3 (3 reviews) –every 26 weeks in year 4 (2 per year) –Reviews showing progress in CREWs and Phased tests –Other evidence such as College Achievement Record sheets still required. –Regular PDA & SVQ achievement still required

11 CITB- ConstructionSkills Grant Funding 2012-2013 Current grant paid to employers on completion of PDA New Grant paid to employers on Completion of 2nd yr PDA Test, 4 CREW reports and 2 yrs Industrial Experience


13 Funding: Payment of Skills Testing Cost to CITB – ConstructionSkills in 2011 : £760,000. Currently charge Out Of Scope (OOS) Employers As of 1 st August 2012, managing Agencies to be charged Pricing structure currently revised. Some tests will be cheaper some more expensive. Little effect on the majority of managing agencies. Most OOS employers are also managing agencies.

14 Skills Testing – Currently Now only delivered in Scotland as unit within 8 craft SVQ Level 3. Delivered in association with SBATC and SPADAC. Delivered in 10 centres throughout the Scotland. Marked by 39 Industry Appointed tradespersons. Last years achievement rate : 87 %, This year to date : 86% Last years attendance rate : 80 %, This year to date: 84 %

15 Skills Testing – moving forward New Painting and Decorating centres where required. Introduction of Floorcovering Skills Test at SVQ level 3. Candidate support material developed Programme of quality assurance monitoring visits of skill test centre's and assessors in underway Training for skills testing embedded in PDA training programme. Apprentices hopefully presented for test when ready to pass

16 Gillian OHare Qualifications Officer - SQA

17 New Developments CodeTypeTitle SCQF Level GF2T 45NPAConstruction Operations5 GF33 45NPAPlant Maintenance and Repair5 GF34 45NPAPlant Operations General Construction5 GF2X 45NPAGeneral Plant Operations5 GF35 45NPAPlant Operations - Highways Maintenance and Utilities5 GF2V 45NPAFitted Interiors5 GF31 45NPAInsulation and Building Treatments5 GF2Y 45NPAHighways Maintenance – Excavation and Reinstatement Operations5 GF30 45NPAHighways Maintenance – Kerbs and Channels5 GF36 45NPARoadbuilding5 GF32 45NPAInterior Systems5 GF2W 45NPAFormwork5 GF2R 46PDAPlant Maintenance and Repair6 GF37 46PDAOccupational Work Supervision6 Operative and Specialist

18 New Developments Craft PDAs at SCQF Level 6 CodeTitle GF3J 46Bricklaying GF3K 46Carpentry and Joinery Floorcovering Occupations GF3L 46Painting and Decorating GF3M 46Plastering GF3N 46Roofing Occupations GF3P 46Stonemasonry GF3H 46Wall and Floor Tiling Woodmachining

19 Changes to the Craft PDAs Generic Units Unit Code Unit Title SQA Credit Value SCQF Level SCQF Credit Points H106 12Conform to General Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare166 H105 12Confirm Work Activities and Resources for the Work166 H10C 12Develop and Maintain Good Working Relationships166 H104 12Confirm the Occupational Method of Work166 H107 12Conform to Productive Working Practices166 H10E 12Move, Handle or Store Resources166 H108 12Construction Craft Associated Subjects166 F6MF 12Appreciation of Access Platforms and Equipment166 H10A 12Construction Craft Employment Skills166 H109 12Construction Craft Competence Assessment166

20 Non Specialist Units Construction Craft Competence Assessment Skills test training as well as verifying employment status and site experience from the CREW Construction Craft Associated Subjects Incorporating subject related science, drawing, materials, procedures etc Conform to General Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare New health and safety Unit with TAPS developed to be delivered during first block in college

21 Health and Safety Unit This mandatory non specialist unit MUST be delivered and assessed in the first week(s) at College and will ensure that candidates have an understanding of :- First Aid. Fire Evacuation. Asbestos. Working Safely. Situational Awareness. Risk Assessments. Accident Reporting

22 Competence Assessment Unit Phased tests within all crafts: A test within the TAP will be taken by apprentices at the end of year 1, 2 and during college block in year 3 and 4 This test will have to be passed before apprentice moves to next stage of their apprenticeship

23 BREAK !!!

24 John Carr Senior External Verifier SQA

25 Key Messages from Quality Network 11/11/11 Formalising the delivery and assessment of Generic Units and Evidence from the Workplace. Stand Up Game Kenny Hilsley Questions. Name 5 Generic Units in todays SVQs. How many Site evidence reports need to collated for each apprentice over 4 years WHO CARES! Not required for EV purposes Question. Stand up if you have heard of CREWS before today.

26 Formalising the Delivery and Assessment of Generic Units Conform to General Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare. Confirm Work Activities and Resources for the Work. Develop and Maintain Good Working Relationships. Confirm the Occupational Method of Work. Conform to Productive Work Practices. Move, Handle or Store Resources. Appreciation of Access Platforms and Equipment. STAND ALONE, INDIVIDUAL TAPs

27 Generic Unit TAP Example: Generic Unit sample in delegate pack Conform to Productive Work Practices. Free standing TAP with evidence identified in craft practical activities. Formal Unit, with its own TAP must be available for Quality Assurance during E.V. Visits.

28 Formalising the Delivery and Assessment of Additional Units Construction Craft Employment Skills. Gathering Evidence for CREWs Construction Crafts Competence Assessment. Generating CREWs, Phase Tests, Skills Test preparation Construction Crafts Associated Subjects. Science,drawing, sustainability and insulation. Free standing TAPs with clear identified evidence requirements. Formal PDA units, with own TAP quality assured at E.V. Visits.

29 Construction Crafts Competence Assessment. Occupational Phase Test: Formal practical progress test of the skills and competences developed in each year. Criteria Must reflect the standards of each craft at the end of each year. Competence based, confirming attainment of the required performance levels. Meeting on 16 June to complete development.

30 Construction Craft Associated Subjects 1.Conduct and report on occupational science experiments and link construction practices to scientific principles. Density, absorption, porosity, capillarity, moisture movement, mixing shrinkage, frost action, efflorescence, corrosion, thermal insulation, air tightness, etc. 2.Occupational craft drawings. 3.Current construction practices in each occupation for sustainability and insulation.

31 TAPs Whats changing… PDA unit specific TAPs Generic and Additional unit TAPs Terminology: Tasks - Practical Training Tests - Practical Assessments Written - Knowledge Assessment Knowledge Assessments: Questions on Sustainability

32 External Verification Focus on evidence for all Units in the qualification. Candidate Portfolios, sections for: Practical Assessment evidence all units Generic Units TAPs evidence CREWs Science Drawings Knowledge Assessment Evidence. (sustainability copying knowledge questions VS Answer Sheet)

33 Craft TAPs development update CraftVettingPublication date BrickworkComplete30 June 2012 StonemasonryComplete30 June 2012 Plastering 8 June31 July 2012 Wall & Floor Tiling 23 June31 July 2012 Carpentry & Joinery16 June31 August 2012 Painting & Decorating16 June31 August 2012 Roofing 9 June31 August 2012 FloorcoveringAugustSeptember 2012

34 Operative/Specialist TAP Update Publication dates for the TAPs below to follow: Construction Operations Fitted Interiors Formwork Highways Maintenance Insulation and Building Treatment Interior Systems Occupational Work Supervision Plant Maintenance Plant Operations Roadbuilding

35 Generic & Additional Units Update UnitStatusVettingCentres Conform to General Workplace Health Safety and WelfareTAP checklistCompletedMid-End August Confirm Work Activities and Resources for the WorkComplete Being VettedMid-End August Develop and Maintain Good Working Relationships11 June18 JuneMid-End August Confirm the Occupational Work MethodCompleteCompletedMid-End August Conform to Productive Work PracticesCompleteCompletedMid-End August Move Handle or Store resourcesCompleteCompletedMid-End August Appreciation of Access PlatformsComplete18 JuneMid-End August Craft Competence Assessment11 June18 JuneMid-End August Craft Employment Skills11 June18 JuneMid-End August Construction Crafts Associated Subjects11 June18 JuneMid-End August


37 Work Evidence Report (WER) Limited in their content and not a useful method of gathering evidence Candidate Portfolios Large portfolio of evidence Candidate Record of Evidence from the Workplace (CREW)

38 CREW The Candidate Record of Evidence from the Workplace (CREW) is designed to monitor that the candidate is making progress by receiving appropriate complimentary industrial experience to support their development. The apprentice must gather evidence of the work they have undertaken by completing the first page of each CREW. This can be done by: Gathering photographs, sketches or drawings of the work they have been doing. Writing a brief description of the type of work they have been experiencing. Getting their supervisor to sign each CREW agreeing that they have experienced this type of work.

39 CREW People who will use your CREW The apprentice will gather the evidence as illustrated above. Their supervisor will sign each CREW confirming that they have experienced the work they have claimed. The college lecturer/assessor will discuss the CREW with the apprentice during college training and reference the evidence against the SVQ and National Occupational Standards (NOS). This will enable future actions and training required to be identified and agreed. The college lecturer/assessor will also use the CREW as evidence for one of the Construction Craft Employment Skills Unit The apprenticeship officer will discuss the CREW with the apprentice during formal reviews to allow them to monitor progress and development.

40 CREW Candidate Record of Evidence from the Workplace CREW form CREW Checklist - Painter and Decorator



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