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Andrew Todd Elmwood College

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1 Andrew Todd Elmwood College
NC ANIMAL CARE Andrew Todd Elmwood College

2 Collaborative development with
Elmwood College Barony College Oatridge College Angus College (NOT in order merit!) Selected as already delivering a full time NC course All the major players

3 Collaborative development with
ALSO Aberdeen College LANTRA – Skills Sector Council

4 Need for qualification was based on
Age of some units Indication from industry that more uniformity required Need for articulation to higher qualifications at other centres Breadth of the industry

5 Development process Initial meeting
Support for qualification from centres Preparation of proposal document Approval of proposal Research current provision Determine work required New units Re-writes Redrafts

6 Development process Agreement on core units and options
Allocation of work Collation of work Consultation and editing Preparation of validation document Validation event

7 SQA SUPPORT VITAL BRILLIANT! Facilitating and hosting meetings
Assisting with research activity Arranging unit writing training Timely feedback to QDT Liaising with SQA Qualifications Manager

8 DURATION 9 MONTHS Time will vary according to
amount of rewriting needed Number of players involved Time committed to project! We had 8 meetings at various locations

9 ISSUES Timescale for completion– cannot be budget driven!
Time taken to get material back from authors Version control IT skills among members Getting everybody in one place at one time

10 ISSUES Commitment of time from Colleges Take the money and run!
Staff workloads

11 RECOMMENDATIONS Get good SQA staff Ours were brilliant!
Don’t allow SQA or College management to set to tight a timescale Get commitment of actual timetabled time from Centres

12 RECOMMENDATIONS Adhere to Timelines!!
Make sure version control is robust Use Technology ?? Use the experience to build a group of colleagues who will continue to collaborate

13 BENEFITS Wider range of expertise Wider coverage of specialisms
Mutual support “Team building” Better understanding of SQA process

14 BENEFITS Production of a qualification which has the same standard regardless of where it was delivered to the benefit of students, employers and progression institutions

15 ANY QUESTIONS? Thank you
But especially Thank You to Ashley Harries and Hilary Rutherford our project officers

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