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LifeLongLearning Programme openess+quality+access Marja Medved

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1 LifeLongLearning Programme openess+quality+access Marja Medved

2 Programme goals Lifelong learning with exchanges, cooperation and mobility supporting knowledge-based society enabling sustainable economic development with more and better jobs greater social cohesion and protecting the environment …to become a world reference for quality

3 EU 2020 Supporting lifelong learning and mobility (flexible learning pathways and mobility for all) Greater quality and efficiency of education and training (access to key competences, training of teachers, attractiveness of education) Promoting equality, social cohesion and active citizenship ( inclusive education, guidance and support for deprivileged) Improving creativeness and innovation at all levels of education and training (social partnership, cross curricular key competences)

4 Priority areas 2011 Development of strategies for lifelong learning and mobility Support to cooperation among organizations responsible for education, training and work Support to training of teachers, heads of training and heads of organizations for education and training Support to the acquisition of key competences Support to social inclusion and gender equality in education and training

5 Initiatives influencing Leonardo da Vinci programme Development, testing anf implementing the common European frameworks for VET Enhancing peer learning, cooperation, trust, mobility and exchange of experiences Mobilily of young Sector cooperation, social partners, companies (SMEs!)

6 Specific LDV objectives Supporting the acquisition of new knowledge, skills and qualifications Supporting quality and innovation in systems, practices and VET institutions Attractiveness in VET and greater mobility of employers, employees…

7 Operational goals: Quality and scope of mobility Quality and scope of cooperation Development of innovative practices and their transfer Better transparency and accreditation of qualifications Languange learning Use of ICT in developing innovative contents

8 National priorities New applicants SMEs Projects for people with special needs and unemployed

9 Mobility projects People in initial vocational training 2 – 39 weeks People on the labour market 2-26 weeks VET professionals 1-6 weeks

10 Purpose of mobility New knowledge, skills, competences Language skills Openess of educational systems Employability Personal growth Medkulturna & jezikovna znanja

11 Funds Mobility funds (travel, insurance, accommodation, preparation) according to destination / target group Funds for organization of the projects Additional funds co-financing!

12 Concrete examples IVT students with special needs go to Italy for practical training in cooking… VET professionals, dealing with education and rehabilitation of people with disability went to UK to exchange practices, systems… Deaf students and mentors went to Spain to see their practices and ICT in the field of sign language Unemployed young graduate with disabilities went to Belgian company in the field of ICT training

13 Other mobility options: Study visits for experts in VET or adult education Grundtvig programme – continuous training of those responsible for adult education, visits, conferences Preparatory visits

14 Who can apply? Public and/or private bodies and institutions involved in vocational training. In particular vocational training establishments, centres and bodies at all levels including: Research centres and bodies, Undertakings, particularly SMEs and craft industry, Trade organisations, including Chambers of Commerce and Craft, Social partners, Local and regional bodies and organisations, Non profit making organisations, voluntary bodies and NGOs.

15 Documents Call 2012: –General part (European priorities) –Financial – administrative part –National priorities –Application forms –Strategic documents

16 Strategic documents Europe 2020 – Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth Europe 2020 – New European strategy for jobs and growth Education and Training 2020 European Disability Strategy 2010-2020

17 Good mobility project eligibility results management sustainability

18 Quality project Clear description of goals, content and duration Clear matching between educational needs of participants and content of mobility Quality preparation (tailor made for participants) Accreditation of mobility knowledge, skills gained(Europass) Logistical support for participants Dissemination and use of results

19 Deadlines Workshops and training days – January 2012 LDV Mobility: 3. February 2012 Study visits: 30.3.and 12.10.2012 Grundtvig continuous training and visits and exchanges: 16.1, 30.4. and 17.9. 2012 Preparatory visits: 15 working days prior to departure (for Slovenia)

20 Leonardo team Slovenia

21 Thank you for your attention… …and good luck with your projects!

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