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Accounting: Graded Unit 2 (Project) Graded Unit 3 (Examination)

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2 Accounting: Graded Unit 2 (Project) Graded Unit 3 (Examination)

3 Delivery of the Units GU2 Last year – January to June This year – August to March Submission dates for Planning, Developing and Evaluating stages GU3 March to June 1st sitting end of May; 2nd sitting 3 weeks later

4 Staffing Experienced accounting lecturers GU2 Lecturer who had delivered Cost Accounting, Management Accounting Using IT and 2 nd year Management Accounting Units Some limited experience of delivering projects GU3 Lecturer who had delivered all Financial Accounting Units Input from tax lecturer Experience of preparing students for NQ examinations / GU1

5 Lessons from first year – GU2 Organisation – early in year Good plan Good project Students understanding of requirements Deadlines / mentoring / monitoring progress Report layout / use of formal wording Word count

6 Lessons from first year – GU3 Revision topics – FR&A, AST, Business Tax Integration of input from tax lecturer How to revise study plan Practice exam – marking and feedback

7 Marking and Verification Consistent approach Show where marks gained/subtotals etc GU2 – ensure candidates have achieved the minimum evidence requirements for each stage GU2 – extended version of marking scheme GU3 – consequential errors/extraneous items Checklists Student feedback on scripts Evidence of Internal Verification and/or double marking

8 Feedback from students Stressful completing both GUs in Block 3 Spent significantly longer on GU2 than any other 1 Credit Unit on the course However: Gained confidence about researching and completing work independently Exam really helped them to retain accounting and tax knowledge

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