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Accounting: Graded Unit 2 (Project) Graded Unit 3 (Examination)

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2 Accounting: Graded Unit 2 (Project) Graded Unit 3 (Examination)

3 Delivery of the Units GU2 Last year – January to June
This year – August to March Submission dates for Planning, Developing and Evaluating stages GU3 March to June 1st sitting end of May; 2nd sitting 3 weeks later

4 Staffing Experienced accounting lecturers GU2
Lecturer who had delivered Cost Accounting, Management Accounting Using IT and 2nd year Management Accounting Units Some limited experience of delivering projects GU3 Lecturer who had delivered all Financial Accounting Units Input from tax lecturer Experience of preparing students for NQ examinations / GU1

5 Lessons from first year – GU2
Organisation – early in year Good plan  Good project Students understanding of requirements Deadlines / mentoring / monitoring progress Report layout / use of formal wording Word count

6 Lessons from first year – GU3
Revision topics – FR&A, AST, Business Tax Integration of input from tax lecturer How to revise  study plan Practice exam – marking and feedback

7 Marking and Verification
Consistent approach Show where marks gained/subtotals etc GU2 – ensure candidates have achieved the minimum evidence requirements for each stage GU2 – extended version of marking scheme GU3 – consequential errors/extraneous items Checklists Student feedback on scripts Evidence of Internal Verification and/or double marking

8 Feedback from students
Stressful completing both GUs in Block 3 Spent significantly longer on GU2 than any other 1 Credit Unit on the course However: Gained confidence about researching and completing work independently Exam really helped them to retain accounting and tax knowledge

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