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HN BUSINESS GRADED UNIT Feedback from Verification.

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2 HN BUSINESS GRADED UNIT Feedback from Verification

3 Background to Verification Verification covered all 3 HN Business Graded Units Important to remember that most centres were being verified for the first time for Graded units 2 and 3. Centres are developing their practice successfully – but the Graded Unit is still a learning experience

4 Conclusions from Verification: 1 Most centres are coping well with the challenge of all 3 Graded Units in HN Business Those involved at centres deserve great credit for the time and effort which they have put in – especially given the very tight timescales

5 Conclusions from Verification: 2 Staff can mark to the requirements of SCQF Levels 7 and 8 Centres are able to prepare candidates for the Graded Units Candidates can provide work which meets the demands of the Graded Units

6 Conclusions from Verification: 3 Candidates find the Graded Units a significant challenge – preparation is vital A minority of centres are still coming to terms with applying marking standards appropriate to the relevant SCQF Level There is considerable evidence of development across the sector as a whole. Graded Units are bringing credibility to HN Business awards and helping to bring together the various parts of HN courses.

7 Overall Good Practice [examinations and investigation] Marks only awarded when there is justification e.g. valid reason Careful cross marking Individual marking sheets – including space for comments Rigorous application of IV procedures

8 Good Practice [examinations – GU1 and GU3] Different coloured pens to distinguish between first and second marker Clear indication on scripts where marks had been awarded Individual marking sheets – including space for comments Rigorous application of IV procedures

9 Good Practice [investigation – GU2] Marking sheets for each of the 3 stages – helpful for additional marks Comments on why marks had been awarded Planning stage is critical to a good investigation

10 Further development 1.Adopting good practice 2.Avoiding pitfalls which lead to inappropriate standards being applied

11 Development: Standards [examinations – GU1 and GU 3] Clear distinction in standard GU1 and GU 3 [SCQF Level 7 and SCQF Level 8] Case study is more complex and course material is at a higher level but..... also requires a higher standard of response Address command words such as assess and evaluate

12 Development: Marking [examinations – GU1 and GU3] Award marks for answering the question asked Adhere to cap on marks for theoretical concepts Mark in accordance with the marking guidelines Do not award marks for vague or imprecise statements Do not give marks twice for the same point Marks cannot be given for identification only Development marks only warranted where there is clear development of a point

13 Development [investigation – GU2] Marking should reflect fact that Unit is at SCQF Level 8 – previous points on marking apply Follow format suggested in Graded Unit exemplar Minimum requirements – cannot proceed beyond planning stage unless score 10/20 but must meet minimum requirements for all 3 stages to pass the investigation

14 Centres have risen to the challenge of the Graded Units in HN Business All indications are encouraging and positive – progress is continuing to be made

15 THANK YOU and goodbye!


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