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Creating a Sport Tourism Action Plan Huntsville September 24, 2005.

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1 Creating a Sport Tourism Action Plan Huntsville September 24, 2005

2 Presentation Outline Provide background on the Sport Tourism Planning Template Discussion on Stage 1 and 2 Overview of Stage 3 and 4 To answer questions going forward

3 The Planning Template Building on the Ontario Sport Tourism Stakeholders meeting at 2003 CSTA Sport Congress, Tourism Hamilton applied for funding Funding to help develop a template and a plan for Hamilton Template and Hamilton’s action plan were created in 2004 Planning template is now available at template.pdf or through membership with CSTA template.pdf

4 The Planning Template Four Stage Process –Stage 1: Expanding Knowledge of Sport Tourism –Stage 2: Assessing Community Capacity –Stage 3: Setting Objectives and Building a Vision –Stage 4: Building a Strategic Approach

5 Expanding Knowledge of Sport Tourism (Stage 1) This stage gets everyone on the “same page” with a background on “What is Sport Tourism” Outline of different kinds and levels of sport events The business side – expenditures and revenues One worksheet: “Agency/Organizational Assessment”

6 Assessing Community Capacity (Stage 2) Assessing what you have and what you’ve done (resume) Worksheets: –Community Strengths and Weaknesses –Sport Event Resume –Sport Strengths –Sports with Potential –Facilities Inventory –Accommodation Profile

7 Setting Objectives and Building a Vision (Stage 3) Stage deals with aligning visions so that multiple objectives can be met Key worksheet: Vision Survey

8 Building a Strategic Approach (Stage 4) Stage deals with moving the vision and plan forward – assessing events to go after Worksheets: –Sport Tourism Opportunities –Sport Event Calendar – Potential –Support Resources –Action Planning

9 What has Tourism Hamilton done? Secured funding for the project from Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Recreation Engaged Bob Yates to assist with developing the plan Held three sets of stakeholder sessions locally Conducted over 20 key informant interviews Presented draft template at the 2004 Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance Conference Discussions at Board meeting of May 28, June 25 and September 24 Approved at Hamilton City Council as part of 2005 Budget deliberations

10 Why a Sport Tourism Plan? To bring provincial, national and international sport events, including sport and multi-sport conferences to Hamilton To work with existing sport competitions to expand them from competitions to events To build capacity to host future sport events in Hamilton To create legacies in Hamilton from sport events To create a coordinated approach to bidding and hosting sport events To provide opportunities to leverage sport events for social and economic benefits for Hamilton’s residents, organizations and businesses

11 Strategic Objectives To raise the profile and image of Hamilton provincially, nationally, and internationally through bidding and hosting To position Hamilton as a desirable and capable host To support sport development and participation at all levels in Hamilton To support economic development and downtown renewal To engage residents through volunteerism To engage organizations and businesses through partnerships To build and improve sport facilities

12 Key Elements of the Action Plan Partnership model, with Tourism Hamilton taking the leadership role Create up to two staff positions within Tourism Hamilton Create a sport tourism budget and marketing plan Create a Sport Tourism Advisory Committee to provide strategic advice Complete facility inventory and assessment Begin to build target list of opportunities for next 20 years

13 Sport Selection Priority Matrix, based on evaluation from perspectives of: –City Needs –Social Needs –Fiscal and Administrative Requirements –Sport Needs –Tourism Needs Factors for consideration: –Economic –Social –Community

14 Event Targets Level 1 – Major International Events (Multi or Single Sport) –1 every 10 years Level 2 – Small International Events –1 or 2 every year Level 3 – National and Provincial Events –10 to 15 every year – 1 in every key sport every year or so Level 4 – Intra-Provincial and Open Events –As many as the calendar will allow Level 5 – Local Events Level A – Other Events –As many as the calendar will allow

15 Annual Process Collaborative planning workshop Monthly/quarterly meetings of Sport Tourism Advisory Committee Annual budget to/from stakeholders, including Hamilton City Council Annual report to Tourism Hamilton Board of Directors and Hamilton City Council Regular Ottawa/Toronto PSO/NSO liaison

16 Question and Answer Questions? Thank you

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