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Flexible Working The Cambridgeshire Experience Maxine Harriman June 2009.

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1 Flexible Working The Cambridgeshire Experience Maxine Harriman June 2009

2 Drivers for Change External Demographics Modernising government Sustainability Employee benefits Employment legislation changes Internal Councils Modernisation Agenda Council as Employer of Choice/People Strategy Councils Travel to Work Plans

3 What flexibility' have we got? Flexible contracts (how work is done) Flexible working time (when work is done) Flexible work locations (where it is done)

4 Flexible Contracts Full Time/Part Time Job Share Term Time Only Annualised Hours Fixed Term Relief Contracts for Services

5 Flexible Time V Time Compressed Hours Flexi-time/TOIL Variable start/finish times

6 Flexible Work Location Tele-working/Mobile Tele-working Home-working (permanent, occasional, ad-hoc) Hot-Desking

7 The Delivered Outcomes HR Policies/Procedures Flexible Working Policy/Flexible Working fact sheets/checklists. Employment contracts Leave arrangements

8 The Delivered Outcomes Development of Touchdown Centres ICT equipment/facilities to support permanent/occasional home working and hot-desking arrangements Introduction of flexible loan scheme New training opportunities Successes publicised (Countywide)

9 Benefits Working hours to suit personal preference/domestic responsibilities Improved time management/organisation skills Productivity level increases Less commuter travel (less pressure on traffic congestion/car parking facilities)

10 Barriers Suitability of tasks/job role Short-term investment to reap long-term gains Individual employee type (motivation/initiative/self discipline/time management) Management culture – by outputs>inputs Changes to working practices (e.g. clear desk policy, contract arrangements)

11 The Added Value Difficult to evidence take up, but there is: noticeable change in culture (more positive attitude towards flexible working) increase in requests for formal/informal contract changes (e.g. TTO and 9-day fortnights) increase in number of employees accessing county systems remotely. positive feedback from performance appraisal documents, the Employee Survey and new recruits who see CCC as Employer of Choice

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