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Peer review with Aropa in Computing Science

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1 Peer review with Aropa in Computing Science
Dr Simon Rogers

2 The course: PSI Professional Skills and Issues: Assignment:
L4 and Msc students (>100) Compulsory: Required for BCS accreditation Non-technical: Ethics, IPR, Data protection etc Not the most popular L4 course…… Assignment: 1,500 word essay. 2 stage peer review process. Final mark (from academic) weighted by `engagement factor’

3 Aropä Peer review management software developed by John Hamer (Auckland & SCS) and Helen Purchase (SCS). Handles everything: Submission (word/pdf, txt) Assignment to reviews Review rubric (design your own) Returning reviews to reviewers Reviewing of reviews Very easy to use. Local support available. Willing to expand system to meet new requirements.

4 Peer review process Trial exercise Assessed exercise 500 word essay
2 reviews Not assessed (almost 100% response) Assessed exercise Students submit draft essay on one of 3 topics (0.7). Assigned 3 reviewers from same topic. Reviewers assess work (numerical ratings and text justification) (0.05 x 3). Reviews returned to authors who can use them to improve essay. Each student also reviews 3 other reviews (0.05 x 3). Final marking done by academics, weighted by factors (X)

5 Pros & Cons Pros: Aropa very easy to use – assigning reviews, handling deadlines, monitoring submissions etc. High level of engagement (almost all students completed everything). Massive quantity of feedback (not always high quality) Cons: Between cohort tension (L4 v MsC). `Threat’ of plagiarism (by reviewers). Lack of peer review experience – poor quality of feedback (first use of peer review for 85% of class). Anonymity (.doc files).

6 Other feedback Only 20% of students would have been happy to be formally assessed by peers. Of those who thought the exercise improved their essay (42%!), 71% felt that the most helpful bit was receiving feedback.

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