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Universe of Language A Writing Project.

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1 Universe of Language A Writing Project

2 Step 1: 10 sight words (things you like to see)
10 taste words (things you like to taste) 10 touch words (things you like to touch or feel) 10 hearing words (things you like to hear) 10 smell words (things you like to smell) 10 verbs (things you like to do; action words) 10 nouns - concrete words you could not fit into the other categories 1 abstraction – an idea or feeling most important to you

3 Step 2: Choose a word from your list that has multiple meanings. *At least three meanings Write a sentence that shows each meaning of the word. In each sentence you must use at least four words from the lists above. Underline the four words used from your list in each sentence. Highlight your word with multiple meanings. Steps 1 and 2 will make up page 1 of the Project.

4 Step 3: Put your words (all 71 of them) into a shape that shows something about you, perhaps just a shape that you like. This is your cover page. You may use color, but it is not required. See teacher before using hearts, stars, clouds, and basic geometric shapes. Lightly draw your shape in pencil. You may also use a dark marker to draw you shape on a plain sheet of paper. Cover your drawing with another plain sheet of paper and write your words. There are no lines in your shape- only words. You may use different print sizes. This will be the 2nd page.

5 Step 4: Write a substantial paragraph (at least half a page) about yourself using as many of the words on your list as possible. The number of words you use counts. Underline each word from your list that you have used in your paragraph. Use your picture to give yourself ideas. (3rd page)

6 Step 5: Peer Response Groups– Use a different color. (Partner must put his/her name on the paper.) In partners read your writing out loud. Partner will: Underline one part he/she likes best. *the one part he/she wants to know more about. Ask one question either for clarification or to get more information.

7 Step 6: Revised draft (4th page)
Write revision of your paragraph, answering questions your partner asked in Step 5. Give more information where necessary.

8 Step 7: Editing partners: Circle possible errors in spelling and mechanics. (Partner) (Partner must put his/her name on the paper.)

9 Step 8: Make corrections from step 7 and write final draft. (5th page)

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