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St. Patrick’s Day Презентация по английскому языку «St. Patrick’s Day»

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1 St. Patrick’s Day Презентация по английскому языку «St. Patrick’s Day»
«Детский международный конкурс презентаций «Holiday Parade. Парад праздников» St. Patrick’s Day Презентация по английскому языку «St. Patrick’s Day» Иванова Валентина Удмуртская Республика Кизнерский район МКОУ «Старободьинская средняя общеобразовательная школа» 7 класс Ветрова Ирина Васильевна Учитель английского языка

2 St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on the 17th of March in honour of patron saint Patrick. It’s the saint’s religious feast day and anniversary of his death in the fifth century. It is the first spring holiday. vocabulary

3 Who was Saint Patrick? Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland; he was the one who has brought Christianity to the Irish. According to the legend Saint Patrick used shamrock to illustrate the Holy Trinity (The Father, Son, The Holy Spirit). According to another legend Saint Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland. vocabulary

4 The history of St. Patrick’s Day
Why is this holiday celebrated on March 17? Saint Patrick is believed to have been born in the late fourth century in Wales (one of the parts of the UK). When Patrick was 16, he was sold into slavery to Ireland. He escaped slavery and later returned to Ireland as a missionary. Patrick travelled across Ireland and established churches and schools. He died on March 17th in AD 461, so the date of his birth has been as St. Patrick’s Day ever since. vocabulary

5 Traditional symbols of St. Patrick’s Day
Traditional symbols of this holiday are shamrock, leprechauns, shillelagh, horseshoe, wearing green. Why is green? Green colour is in the official tri-colour country flag. Green is the colour of spring and nature. vocabulary

6 Shamrock Shamrock is the central symbol for St. Patrick’s Day. It was a sacred plant in ancient Ireland, it is the national symbol of Ireland and Northern Ireland (one of the parts of the UK), it symbolized the rebirth of spring. Saint Patrick used shamrock to illustrate the Holy Trinity (The Father, Son and Holy Spirit). vocabulary

7 Leprechauns Leprechauns are mythological beings, appeared in Irish folklore. They are thought to be shoemakers, wear green clothes not to be seen in the grass. Legends tell of the fairies paying leprechauns in gold to repair their shoes which they store in the pots which are hidden at the end of the rainbow. It is said that anyone lucky enough to hear the leprechauns’ hammering can capture the leprechauns and take his gold. vocabulary

8 Shillelagh Shillelagh is a stick which is made of an oak. It is also used for sport game “curling”. vocabulary

9 Horseshoe A horseshoe is said to bring good luck. Many people believe that to hang it with the ends pointing upwards is good luck as it acts as a storage container of sorts for any good luck. Others believe that the shoe should be hung the other way, as it will release its luck to the people around it. vocabulary

10 St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland
Irish people have observed this day as a religious holiday for over 1000 years. On St. Patrick‘s Day, which is celebrated during the Christian season of Lent, Irish families would traditionally attend church in the morning and celebrate in the afternoon with parades, wearing green clothes and red wigs, music and songs. vocabulary

11 Parades

12 Irish people and the Irish at heart enjoy
St. Patrick’s parades and events.

13 Traditional dishes for St. Patrick’s Day
People eat corned beef and cabbage They prepare green food: green ice cream, green cakes for desert.

14 Traditional drinks People drink Irish beer and Irish coffee .

15 Irish dances You can see Irish dances everywhere during St. Patrick's Day.

16 St. Patrick’s Day in the UK
In Great Britain Queen Elizabeth used to present bowls flown over from Ireland to members of the Irish Guards. London, since 2002 has had an annual St. Patrick’s Day parade which takes place usually in Trafalgar Square. In 2008 the water in the Trafalgar Square fountains was dyed green. Green was everywhere and London Eye was green too.

17 St. Patrick’s Day in the USA
In American cities with large Irish population, St. Patrick’s Day is a very big holiday. The holiday came to America in 1737 and was celebrated in Boston that year. Cities and towns celebrate it with parades, “wearing green”, music and songs. Some communities even go so far as to dye rivers green.

18 You may check your knowledge in this quiz and get a pot of gold
You may try to do this one: St. Patrick's Day

19 Click on the word and you’ll be back on your slide!
Vocabulary patron [peitr(ə)n] покровитель anniversary [ˏæniʹvɜ:s(ə)ri] годовщина death [deƟ] смерть drive out [draiv] выгонять Holy [həuli] святой spirit [ʹspirit] дух, душа slavery [ʹsleivəri] рабство Leprechaun [leprəkᴐ:n] лепрекон Shillelagh [ʃiʹleilə] дубинка horseshoe [ʹhᴐ:sʃu:] подкова sacred [ʹseikrid] священный rainbow [ʹreinbəu] радуга hammer [ʹhæmə] молоток oak [ʹəuk] дуб storage [ʹstᴐ:riʤ] хранилище, склад release [riʹli:s] освобождать, выпускать Lent [lent] Великий пост wig [wig] парик Click on the word and you’ll be back on your slide!

20 Ссылки на Интернет-источники
– лепрекон - танец - лепрекон - юноши - оркестр - дети - календарь - смайлик - река - дети -фон - танец - сдоба -блюдо -оркестр -напиток - лепреконы -Патрик - подкова - Патрик участники праздника - парад - парад в Ирландии - коктейль -празднование в США - празднование в США -CША –викторина -викторина - горшок с золотом - лепрекон -флаг Северной Ирландии - флаг Британии -флаг Ирландии - флаг США - колесо обозрения в Лондоне - фонтан на Трафальгарской площади - пиво

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