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Write the Right Stuff – News Releases that work Peter Aitchison, Media Relations Manager.

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1 Write the Right Stuff – News Releases that work Peter Aitchison, Media Relations Manager

2 Get to know the Media Relations Team Susan Stewart, Director of Corporate Communications Peter Aitchison, Media Relations Manager Stuart Forsyth, Senior Media Relations Officer Ross Barker, Media Relations Officer Cara Macdowall, Public Relations Officer Nick Wade, Communications Assistant

3 What We Do Professional expertise with Scottish, UK and international media to proactively promote the University of Glasgow in: –Print –Broadcast –Online –Social Media Work with partner institutions and/or other bodies Place news stories on the university web site, often including audio. Soon to include video Provide a daily cuttings service On call at evenings and weekends Internal Communications

4 Some Statistics.... Some newspapers struggling...Herald daily sales 45,000; Scotsman 38,000; SoS 46,000; Sunday Herald 28,000 But... Daily Record 292,000; Sunday Post 222,000 Reporting Scotland 500,000 viewers STV News 450,000 viewers BBC Online several million hits a week Good Morning Scotland 200,000 listeners Social Media increasingly significant

5 What we need from you Early warning of potential stories Information that we can craft into material for media releases Be realistic - think of what might be external news and what is more suited to internal Offer examples, case studies or tangible things to see, film or discuss Be available! Provide your details for the media experts directory for comment

6 How can we support you? Write and circulate news releases Discuss and compile a media strategy Manage media engagement Provide bespoke media training – for print, broadcast and online media Help correct or amend any misleading or inaccurate coverage Update news on website Issue news via social media

7 Why should you bother...? Commitment to Public Engagement Increases profile for you, your college and your university Media Matters – the University of Glasgow is a world leading institution. It should be in the news Good News is money-in-the-bank when negative stories emerge Creates a positive buzz for potential students, academics and funders

8 Summary We can help with: –External media –Media Training and support –Stories for internal news –Public Engagement You can help by: –Telling us about any stories that have potential news value –Providing your details for the media experts directory, and encouraging others to do so –Being available for media engagement

9 Writing the Most Effective News Release Only one in ten releases make it past the editorial desk. Know your market and know your audience Lets talk about Sex baby. Start with your conclusion No more than two pages at most – one would be better Write as you would speak, not as you would write Keep the paragraphs short and the quotes memorable Less is more – too much detail leads to the waste paper bin Avoid superlatives... best, excellent, first {unless really sure} Avoid Jargon !!!!!!! Start with the conclusion, end with the conclusion

10 Got the release right? Now get it to the right person Have a clear release date at the top Embargo or not? The pros and cons of embargo Monday is a good day for a news story. Friday is not If for weekly publications, know when they go to bed Email is best form of communication Attachments are good – but not too many Editorial notes should include contacts – be available! Get to know the media... Use the media rels team

11 What happens next.....? The release is the easy bit – prepare for press engagement {talk to the media team!} How to talk to the media – print, broadcast, social/new Less is more. Stay on message It can be fun and your job is to excite! What happens if the press misinterpret, misquote or mislead? Above all, remember help is always at hand in the Media Relations Office – 0141 330 3535

12 Practical Exercise – Coffee and caffeine Extract of the paper supplied to Royal Society of Chemistry Work on a draft news release Get the news line in the opening and closing paragraphs Quotes are provided Will you include editorial notes? Where the research is drawn from? Contact details? Try and keep it to a page and a half at most!

13 Example News Release – Wake up for coffee drinkers Sells the story from the start Is clear and easy to understand The science bit is there The quotes are short and memorable Includes embargo details, contact details and research details Academic is available for interview


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