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Module 4 :Session 4 Working with others Developed by Dr J Moorman.

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1 Module 4 :Session 4 Working with others Developed by Dr J Moorman


3 Developing networks Competent clinicians should Identify opportunities where working in collaboration with others within and across networks can bring added benefits Create opportunities to bring individuals and groups together to achieve goals Promote the sharing of information and resources Actively seek the views of others

4 Building and maintaining relationships Listen to others and recognise different perspectives Empathise and take into account the needs and feelings of others Communicate effectively with individuals and groups and act as a positive role model Gain and maintain the trust and support of colleagues

5 Encouraging contribution Competent clinicians should Provide encouragement and the opportunity for people to engage in decision making and to challenge constructively Respect, value and acknowledge the roles, contributions and expertise of others Employ strategies to manage conflict of interests and differences of opinion Keep the focus of contribution on delivering and improving services to patients

6 Working with teams Competent clinicians Have a clear sense of their role, responsibilities and purpose within the team Adopt a team approach, acknowledging and appreciating efforts. Compromises and contribution Recognise the common purpose of the team and respect team decisions Are willing to lead a team, involve the right people at the right team

7 What is a team Small number of people With complimentary knowledge and skills Committed to a common purpose, performance goals and approach Hold themselves mutually accountable

8 What is a good team All have a clear understanding and commitment to a common task and overall purpose Have a clear idea of your own job – and how it relates to other team members’ jobs Understand the work and duties of other team members Be flexible among yourselves so that they team does not collapse when one person leaves

9 What is a good team Create a good learning and training environment in the workplace Ensure stability and continuity of functions by avoiding frequent change of members Develop good relationships among yourselves by being open, transparent, understanding and willing to help each other Develop ways of measuring and recognising your teams functionality, achievements and success Develop and strong sense of cohesiveness and loyalty

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