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Employing Personal Assistants Obstacle or Opportunity?

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1 Employing Personal Assistants Obstacle or Opportunity?

2 Choices l Employing your own l Using an agency l University as employer l Other students/University staff l Community Service Volunteers l Combination of above Employing Personal Assistants

3 University as Employer l Recruiting l Employing l Training l Supervision and Support l Grievance and Discipline

4 Employing Personal Assistants Recruiting l Job descriptions/person specifications l Advertising l Short listing l Interviewing l References l Offering employment

5 Employing Personal Assistants Employing l Matching Student and PA l Contract of employment l Time sheets l Payment

6 Employing Personal Assistants Training l Disability Equality l Job specific l Access to general training

7 Employing Personal Assistants Supervision and Support l Whos the boss? l Feedback from students and PAs

8 Employing Personal Assistants Grievance and Discipline l Using University systems l Students role l Advisors role

9 Employing Personal Assistants Using Agencies l Meet with them first l Make sure they understand the role l Insist on regular workers and backup

10 Disability Coordinator, University of Edinburgh Tel: 0131 650 6828 Text: 0131 650 9371 Director, Scottish Disability Team Tel: 01382 345498

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