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Assessment Centre Dr Jane Kidd Warwick Medical School.

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1 Assessment Centre Dr Jane Kidd Warwick Medical School

2 Assessment Centre Process History and collaboration Process Outcomes

3 History and Collaboration Medical Schools Council Department of Health Work Psychology Partnership Barts

4 Competencies Communication skills Effective learning style Empathy Initiative and resilience Insight and integrity Organisation and problem solving Team working

5 Why did we take the plunge? Graduate Entry Programme Relatively new medical school Unease about then current process - supplementary application form - value of interviews - effectiveness at assessing competencies expected by GMC

6 Prior to attendance at Assessment Centre: Candidates UCAS statement - Achieved or predicted to achieve a 2i or 1 st in the biological, health, natural or physical sciences -Academic reference -Personal statement - reviewed by 2 assessors UKCAT score

7 Process Each Assessment Centre runs for half a day Each candidate completes 3 tasks Observed by 3 different assessors Rated on competencies specific to the task

8 The three tasks Video-based exercise (CS, EM, INI, IR, LS) Group working exercise (CS, OPS, TW, IR) Written exercise (EM, OPS, TW, INI)

9 Timetable for candidates Registration Candidate briefing Task 1 Task 2 Break Task 3 Research and Evaluation Questionnaire Candidate debriefing

10 Timetable for Assessors Attend training - Certificate of Attendance Attend briefing Allocated to task for the session Observe and record behaviours Classify behaviours Evaluate behaviours Determine overall exercise rating Participate in wash up

11 Data analysis Competencies weighted Total score calculated Offers made

12 Administrative support With 48 candidates per session - 21 assessors - 4 task facilitators -At Warwick we have chaperones for the video-based interview (1 st year students) -Leads for Admissions -Administrators and clerical (registration, photographs, data checking)

13 Candidates views of process Acceptability Educational impact Validity

14 Future outcomes Predictive validity of the process Unintentional advantage to specific groups of applicants Review the research and evaluation data

15 Questions?

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