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Dr. Constance Ray Vice President, Institutional Research, Planning, & Effectiveness.

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1 Dr. Constance Ray Vice President, Institutional Research, Planning, & Effectiveness

2  Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) regional accreditation  Commission on Colleges accredits higher education institutions in 11 southern states  Provides for peer review process to ensure quality  Takes place every 10 years  Threshold of eligibility for receiving federal funds  Threshold of eligibility for program accreditation

3  Mission appropriate to higher education  Sufficient resources, programs and services to accomplish and sustain mission  Clear educational objectives consistent with mission and degree offerings  Successful in achieving stated objectives

4 What is the Reaffirmation Process? The Principles of Accreditation provide for: InstitutionCompliance Certification—16 Core Requirements; 56 Comprehensive Standards; 3 Responsibilities; 7 Federal Requirements CommissionOff-Site Peer Review of Compliance Certification InstitutionQuality Enhancement Plan (QEP) CommissionOn-Site Peer Review of QEP CommissionCommission Review of Results and Judgment

5  Institution makes the case for compliance for each ◦ Core Requirement ◦ Comprehensive Standard ◦ Federal Requirement  Case is supported with documentation, relevant data, and an explanatory narrative  Non-compliance judgment on Core Requirement results in automatic sanction

6  Degree-granting Authority  Governing Board  Chief Executive Officer  Institutional Mission and Effectiveness  Continuous Operation  Program Length and Content  General Education  Degree Program Course Work  Adequate Faculty  Learning Resources and Services  Student Support Services  Financial and Physical Resources  Acceptable QEP

7  Mission, Governance and Effectiveness  Educational Programs  Faculty  Library and Learning Resources  Student Affairs and Services  Financial Resources  Physical Resources

8  CR 2.12 – includes an institutional process for identifying key issues emerging from institutional assessment and focuses on learning outcomes and/or the environment supporting student learning and accomplishing the mission of the institution  CS 3.3.2 – demonstrates institutional capability; includes broad-based involvement; and identifies goals and a plan to assess their achievement

9  Not be large  Include individuals with skills, knowledge, and authority to lead total institutional effort  Include, at least, the President, Provost, accreditation liaison, and faculty representative  Manage and validate the internal institutional assessment of compliance to ensure integrity of process and documents

10  Coordinate and manage the internal review process, including developing structure and timelines  Send 4 members to SACS orientation in June 2011  Oversee review of compliance and documentation of evidence  Develop Focused Report (addresses concerns of off- site review)  Oversee development of QEP  Ensure University community is engaged and informed  Oversee arrangements for on-site visit  Ensure appropriate follow-up activities


12 DateAction Jan 2010Pre-planning activity completed Feb 2010Leadership Team & QEP Topic Selection Team (TST) established Mar 2010Leadership Team and TST hold initial meetings Sept 2010Compliance Certification Team established Dec 2010Team Members attend SACS Annual Meeting in Louisville Mar 2011QEP Topic approved by Leadership Team Apr 2011QEP Development Team appointed Sept 2012Compliance Certification submitted to SACS; QEP vetted by campus community and refined Nov 2012Off-site review results received; write Focused Report Dec 2012QEP approved by Board of Trustees Jan 2013QEP submitted to SACS Mar 2013On-site Visit by SACS

13 Requirement or Standard Compliance Area 2.8Adequacy of full-time faculty 2.5Institutional effectiveness 2.12Acceptable QEP based on key issues emerging from student learning assessment results 3.2.10Administrator evaluations learning improvement based on assessment results 3.3.2Acceptable QEP; broad-based involvement, goals, and assessment plan 3.4.3Admissions policies published 3.4.7Consortial relationships/contractual agreements 3.5.4Terminal degrees of faculty (25% rule at baccalaureate level) 3.7.1Faculty competence/credentials/transcripts 3.12Substantive change


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