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© Boardworks Ltd 2010 1 of 12 Application Software.

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1 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 1 of 12 Application Software

2 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 2 of 12 Teacher’s notes included in the Notes Page Flash activity. These activities are not editable. Web addresses Icons key: For more detailed instructions, see the Getting Started presentation Functional Skills check Student task accompanies this slide Printable activity This lesson will cover: The uses of application software. The differences between proprietary and open source software. The benefits and drawbacks of hosted and locally installed software.

3 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 3 of 12 What is application software? Application software can be specialist, such as software designed for 3D modelling. Application software is the programs people often use for carrying out tasks such as word processing, browsing the web and creating spreadsheets. It can also be bespoke, meaning that it has been designed for a special purpose or business.

4 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 4 of 12 Uses of application software Application software is found in many computer stores, and a user can buy a range of products to complete different tasks. Word processing software – for typing letters and creating documents Graphics software – for creating and editing graphics Spreadsheets software – for creating spreadsheets to help calculate numerical information Desktop publishing software – for creating documents such as leaflets. Some of the main types of application software include:

5 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 5 of 12 Application and systems software

6 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 6 of 12 Application vs. systems software

7 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 7 of 12 Proprietary vs. open source software

8 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 8 of 12 Software licences

9 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 9 of 12 Freeware is software that you can legally use without paying for it. Shareware allows users to try a program before they buy it. Freeware and shareware There are two further ways that software can be legally used. These are called freeware and shareware. Why do companies allow their software to be used for free?

10 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 10 of 12 Hosted vs. locally installed software

11 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 11 of 12 Case Study: Google Docs Google Docs is a web-based application. It provides users with spreadsheet, word processing and presentation software that they can use for free. Users can create and edit documents online, which can be saved to the Google servers or to their computer in different formats. Because users can access their documents on any computer that is connected to the Internet, Google Docs is highly useful for anyone on the move. The application also supports collaborative use, allowing multiple users to access and edit documents at the same time.

12 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 12 of 12 Summary

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