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Leadership Development Martin Barnes The Leadership Foundation for Higher Education 020 7841 2816 Developing the Workforce Did curiosity.

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1 Leadership Development Martin Barnes The Leadership Foundation for Higher Education 020 7841 2816 Developing the Workforce Did curiosity really kill the cat? JISC Information Skills Consultation Workshop

2 Higher Education Leadership Labyrinth Widening Access Increased Accountability Knowledge TransferBrand Management Diversifying Income Streams Governance Risk Management Sustainability Globalisation Fundraising Improving Research RankingsSuccession Planning Leadership CharacteristicsDiversity Learning from Benchmarking Collaboration/Partnership Inspiration Strategic Leadership Transformation Devolved/Enabled Followership Managing Super-stars personal humility and professional will

3 Strategic Leadership Context (Drivers for change) Continuing expansion of student numbers (UK and worldwide) Widening participation The HR agenda ICT and eLearning strategies Resources and Estates development Governance Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Funding Marketing Competition in UK Enhancing the student experience Management of Research Internationalisation Business, Regional and Community interactions

4 LF Leadership Development Options for Intervention Developing individual leaders at all levels –open programmes –coaching, mentoring, etc –key skills –governors development Institutional capacity building –Customised programmes –Benchmarking –Needs analysis - inc regional needs Networks and communities of learning –Alumni networks –Working with specific professional groups (eg AHUA/BUFDG/UPA/SCOPPOG/AUDE/SCONUL/UCISA etc) –International links Futures Lab / Research Championing leadership – conferences, seminars

5 Flagship LF Projects Top Management Programme (Top team - DVC/Deputy Principal/PVC/Registrar) Senior and Strategic Leadership (new) (Deans/Directors) Preparing for Strategic Leadership (new)( Deans/Directors) Heads of Department Programme (new) (Heads of Department) Middle and First Line Manager Programmes (new) Leadership Series and seminars National Mentoring Scheme Governance and Governor training Equality and diversity projects Change Academy HR/Finance/Knowledge Directors - Leadership programmes Research programme and LF Fellowships scheme Publications – In Practice and Engage Leadership development needs analysis

6 Defining i-Skills The ability to identify, assess, retrieve, evaluate, adapt, organise and communicate information within an iterative context of review and reflection

7 Core leadership behaviours Developing and communicating vision Setting direction Modelling values Inspiring colleagues and team members Motivating, challenging, supporting Promoting innovation Being a pivotal change agent (energy) Creating the freedom for others to lead

8 Giving purpose and direction – creating and communicating a vision of the future Effective behaviour Is clear what needs to be achieved Involves people in deciding what has to be done Communicates a compelling view of the future Sets clear short and long term objectives Creates practical and achievable plans Establishes standards of behaviour which promote diversity Agrees clear responsibilities and objectives to deliver results Initiates change to make things happen Ineffective behaviour Looks to others to provide direction Takes an overly cautious approach Assumes people know what is required of them without being told Loses sight of the big picture Allows a culture which is intolerant of diversity

9 Effective behaviour Aware of own strengths, weaknesses and motivations Applies learning from own and others experience Builds productive relationships with people across and outside the organisation Understands, values and incorporates different perspectives Seeks new or different ideas and opportunities to learn Readily shares ideas and information with others Encourages experimentation and tries innovative ways of working Learning and improving – Drawing on experience and new ideas to improve results Ineffective behaviour Cant see things from other peoples perspective Assumes at the outset different perspectives need not be taken on board Does not listen Sticks to outdated methods Unwilling to be exposed to risk or uncertainty

10 Connecting i-Skills with Leadership Leadership big picture__________ using the magnifying glass Leadership ____________________ Management Vision _________________________ Implementation Creativity_______________________ Innovation Development of staff is key competence

11 Leadership Defines and communicates what to be achieved Supports empowered and enabled people in determining how to do it Utilises systematic processes for monitoring and reviewing progress

12 Critical enquiry What do we need to achieve When do we need to achieve it by Who else has done it Where can I find out about it Why did they do it the way they did How might we benefit/use this information 5 Whys - Critical examination technique

13 New leadership competencies Client partnering Collaborative influence Embracing challenge Earning trust Enabling performance and growth Passion for organisations future Strategic risk-taking Informed judgment Thinking horizontally Hay Group survey excellent leadership role models for IBM 2005

14 How do you form your big picture Where do you place yourself on the curiosity index? Are your sources of information and perspectives broad enough? Do you encourage curiosity amongst your co-workers? smart leaders dont have all the answers – they just know where to find them.

15 Summary What we sell, and what adds value to our clients, is the people who work here. It is all about talent. Talent has proven to be the most important asset for the success of our endeavour now and in the future. So developing talent requires the organisation to look seriously at how it discovers, assists and enables its current and future leaders. Donna Riley IBM

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