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1 Case study: The real costs and problems of non-strategic approaches.

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1 1 Case study: The real costs and problems of non-strategic approaches

2 2 The brief 1. Unsuccessful implementation of ERP 2. Holy Grail of integrated information. 3. Are FE and HE too complex? 4. Are there no available systems? 5. Approaches in finding the Holy Grail.

3 3 Context Were probably part of the problem: We treat information and information systems as one thing. We forget information isnt one product. We need to get away from the desk, meet the people.

4 4 Case study: how it started Should we go for best of breed – or an integrated system. Once we have the new system well have no problems with information.

5 5 The information blob The core information needs are: Student information Finance information HR information.

6 6 What we needed Human intervention Unanticipated events infinite questions Targets Externals Controlled access Limited permutations Process Volume Speed Customer interaction Customer services Instant visibility

7 7 What actually happened? Information maturity

8 8 Why did the orphan thrive? A lot of professional helpers. A limited client list. The customer base acted like silent champions.

9 9 Is it all rosy? Doing it wrong 1

10 10 Doing it wrong 2 Are there enough people in the growth areas? 100 staff missing from data extract Because of operational change to coding

11 11 Add the costs of this non-strategic thinking X places in the league table X international students £x Loss of trust Loss of time

12 12 The rest of the brief Management and cultural changes needed the eradication of localised decision making

13 13 Lessons? Get a champion Info of different kinds Prioritise Employ professionals Talk to the people Talk dirty, but nice Anticipate the limitations

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