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Distributed e-learning regional context. Distributed e-learning regional context.

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1 Distributed e-learning regional context

2 Distributed e-learning regional context

3 Learning Providers

4 Current position

5 FE / 6FC Variable but much changed since 2000 Technically equipped Transforming practice

6 Specialist Some very small

7 ACL Creating ILT strategies

8 Universities and associated colleges

9 Staff and students at associate colleges full members of HE Institution De Montfort UCN


11 Mobile Learning Unit For adults with limited access to ICT Access and learn ICT skills

12 Projects

13 NELI Newark Extended Learning Initiative FE + secondary + primary + ACL + WBL + voluntary Funded by Alliance Sub-regional Strategic Partnership

14 Transformation across Northamptonshire NLN/LSDA 4 FE + 2 6FC + 10 school 6th forms Alternative approaches to ILT in practice

15 X4L RAPID JISC UCN + Tresham + Northampton Libraries Repurposing Art media and Performance Information for Digitisation

16 EMCON – construction COVE –NCN, Derby, W Notts, SEDC +LLSCs –£1.25M –Features On-line materials Waterproof / dustproof IT access points Staffing from 9am - 9pm Electronic portfolios Learning and assessment on demand Plasma screens in workshops

17 Transforming teaching and learning - a collaborative approach Leicester colleges and secondary schools Learning objects Learning platform Collaboration

18 Overview

19 Priorities Transformation Success for all Enrolments, retention, achievement

20 RSC

21 RSC: Role Support e-learning development Link to national services and initiatives Build regional partnerships and networks

22 RSC: Who we support teachers learning support learning resources staff development technical/networks senior management CIS/MIS

23 RSC: Contact 01509 618110

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