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Shibboleth 2.0 and Beyond Chad La Joie Georgetown University Internet2.

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1 Shibboleth 2.0 and Beyond Chad La Joie Georgetown University Internet2

2 General Changes Port existing functionality to OpenSAML2 library Support subset of SAML 2 specification: Single Sign On & Single Logout Attribute Query Artifact Resolution Backwards support for Shibboleth 1.2, 1.3 Improved documentation

3 Identity Provider IdP, not container, managed authentication Enhanced Attribute Authority New data connectors and attribute definitions (e.g. SAML2 Persistent Name Identifier) Enhanced ARP Engine Release policy semantics for NameIDs Dynamic attribute constraints Group ARPs Improved deployment support: Additional containers Cluster support

4 Service Provider Java Servlet (2.3+) Service Provider Improved, and documented, extension points Integrated IdP discovery mechanism Better caching and cleaner communication with shibd Additional name identifiers supported

5 IdP Discovery Services Rewrite of existing WAYF code w/ production release Initial experimentation with: browser plug-in based discovery services Microsoft CardSpace (f.k.a. InfoCard)

6 IdP Managed Authentication SP may influence authentication process Require specific, or range of, authN methods Force re-authentication Require passive authentication IdP requires session lifecycle mgmt: Explicit logout Session timeouts AuthN method timeout

7 IdP Managed Authentication IdP will map AuthN context to a handler Form which auths against LDAP, RBMS… HTTP server location handling certs Servlet accepting Kerberos tokens AuthN methods ranked (password < Kerberos < client certificate)

8 Single Logout Two methods to perform SLO: Front channel via browser redirect Easy but unreliable; chain broken is service doesnt respond Back channel SOAP messages More complicated but more reliable Problem for strictly cookie-session based systems

9 Future work More SAML 2 support NameID management & mapping Enhanced Client/Proxy support Initial support for client/server & grid sign-on Web-services support Based on the Liberty WSF 2 specifications N-Tier/Metasearch support Based heavily on web-services support

10 Resources Shibboleth 2 Roadmap EC/P Web Services Support OpenSAML2

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